Walks for All

We have developed a list of walking routes that the various groups have submitted. They can be accessed in two ways.

Firstly, on the right hand side of this page are links to various lengths and types of walks. Click on these links and it will take you to a list of walks in that category. If you then click on a walk it will launch a PDF which show the route, and in most cases instructions on following it. The details of the instructions vary and the maps used are copyright free open street maps.

Secondly, if you want any of these routes in an electronic form then they are all uploaded to 'Viewranger', a PC, Tablet and Mobile mapping application. To use this you will need a Viewranger account created on the web site and the application on your tablet or phone. If you would like more information on the use of Viewranger please do not hesitate to contact me.

As ever there are some caveats for using these routes.

1. Information may be out of date so you are encouraged to pre-walk them if you intend to lead a group. If you find any inaccuracies or find additional useful information I would be grateful if you could let me know.
2. You walk them at your own risk as neither Glenfield U3A nor the individual member that created the route take any responsibility for inaccuracies etc.
3. Individuals that walk any of these routes are responsible for their own safety and taking appropriate precautions.
4. We would recommend that for all walks you are suitably clothed and have waterproofs with you, proper walking boots and possibly a walking pole and are in possession of an Ordnance Survey map or a device with an OS map available on it.

In addition there are further links that take you to a list of well known web sites that have lots of routes you may like to try out. Finally there are four further links.

1. Link to a list of routes that have very little supporting information but may give you some ideas for future walks.
2. Walking with Glenfield U3A that launches a PDF file with further advice about walking with us.
3. Link to Viewranger that launches the web site.
4. We have produced a number of training videos if you want to learn more about how to use Viewranger which can also be found here Viewranger Training

Finally can I ask that you supply me with the details of any routes you walk so I can continue to grow the database for the benefit of all walking groups.

Chris Payne
Glenfield U3A Walking Secretary