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Coronavirus Advice and Things to Do

We have put this page together to help members get advice from trusted web sites. Please only use these sites for your information and ignore fake news and cures that circulate on many social media sites. Also, we have provided some thoughts on things you can do whilst limiting your social contact. Click on the links to get further information on any item.

Some Advice from the NHS

The NHS should be the main web site you use for good factual information. The following pages are what we feel are the most relevant to the coronavirus :

An Overview of Coronavirus Coronavirus Overview
Advice regarding staying at home Staying at Home
NHS 111 Online Service. This should be used before you contact 111 by telephone 111 Online
A survey of your experience of Coronavirus to help plan the next stage Survey

The NHS web site has a wealth of trusted information and advice. A good place to start is the web sites home page. In particular it has a complete guide to conditions, symptoms and treatment which includes what to do and when and how to get help NHS Main Site

Government Information

A good start for anyone wanting information on the government advice and response is on the site UK Government Advice The site repeats the advice from the NHS site about staying safe but also has advice on employment and financial support for individuals and businesses.

Keep Learning

The Third Age Trust web site have some great information about keeping us occupied.

Ideas to keep learning Keep Learning
A shared learning project Learning Project

In addition, there are many sites that offer free online courses and three of them are shown below:

OpenLearn from the Open University. Click on this link for more information OpenLearn

Future Learn has many short online courses covering a range of subjects and levels. Click on this link for more information Future Learn

MOOCS stands for Massive Open Online Courses. These are free courses available for anyone to enrol. edX is one of the biggest providers and includes language courses that may be useful for our language groups.Click on this link for more information Try a MOOCS!

Keeping in Touch

The Third Age Trust have some ideas regarding keeping in touch which can be found here Keeping in Touch

In addition to these well know ways you may like to consider a couple of lesser known options.

Zoom is a free to use video conference similar to Skype and Facetime but it can host up to 100 participants so it could be used for video sessions for groups to keep in touch. It offers enhanced plans which can be purchased but the free version is more than adequate. You can use it on your PC or as an app from Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. More details can be found here Try Zoom You need to follow a few simple housekeeping steps to ensure you keep your meetings private and secure. Click on Zoom Precautions for more information.

Next Door is a social media application, originating in the USA, which has a mission to bring neighbourhoods together. It is free to use but like many similar applications it is funded by adverts. When you join you are allocated to your neighbourhood to exchange local information. A number of our members have used it and have found it helpful. The application is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and more information can be found here NextDoor


As ever we need to ensure that we do not become victims of scams that have been around for a long time but in this time of heightened concern it is even more important to be on our guard. If you get a cold call purporting to be from your bank, Microsoft support or any other organisation it will be a scam and you should not enter into any conversation with them. It is not rude, it is essential, to simply put the phone down. If you want to check with your bank or the organisation they claim to represent then use another phone to ring them on an official number or wait 10 minutes to ensure the call has disconnected before doing so. Also be aware it may take longer to get through to organisations as they struggle with staff absences but do persevere. Good advice is available from the Money Advice Service website Money Advice Service

As well as these scams a new one has emerged. Many people are volunteering to help people who cannot get out to shop for food and these can be an important lifeline. However, you should be wary of strangers offering help and if you can check who they are. Do not give anyone your bank card and PIN number to shop for you or get cash as there have been cases of fraud which you would struggle to get the banks to refund you as you revealed your PIN