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Programme for 2019/20

Programme for 2019 - 2020

18 September
The Internet. Guest speaker, Walter Patterson. "The Internet is something that we use and take for granted in our daily lives. But what exactly is 'the Internet'? Why was it first created - and by whom? Who controls it, and is that a matter of concern? What is net neutrality and why should it be preserved? What is the dark web? These fascinating (and sometimes troubling) questions will be examined."

16 October
Farming for a Better Climate – how farmers can help us move towards net zero carbon. Guest speaker Rebecca Audsley, Scotland's Rural College. “Some of the expected impacts of climate change on farmers and the measures they are putting in place both to cope with changes and to reduce their contribution to it.”

20 November
The a State of Nature in Scotland. Guest speaker, Dr Sheena Wurthmann. ”Earlier this year, Scottish Natural Heritage published a report titled The State of Nature Scotland 2019. This report draws on evidence from numerous sources to present a picture of the status of wildlife species in the country and to try to interpret this information.”

18 December
Improving the Clyde - Wind turbines, walls, dams and dredging Guest Speaker: Charles Scott. "A trip down the Clyde from the Lowther hills to the Erskine Bridge looking at the man-made enhancements to the river and what provoked them - with illustrations and maps."

15 January
The threat of new and emerging infections. Speaker: GWE member Dr Dermot Kennedy

19 February
“Glasgow’s rocks and landscape - record of a voyage through deep time”.. Guest speaker: Dr Simon Cuthbert, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow.

18 March

15 April

20 May

17 June