Welcome to Furness U3A - founded in 2006 to promote learning, and enhance enjoyment and quality of life for people no longer in full-time employment in the Furness district of Cumbria.

The U3A movement in the UK started in 1981, loosely based on the model of U3As in France, and there are now over 1000 U3As in the UK, with over 400,000 members in total - see Our Story on the Third Age Trust website. So Furness U3A - we've just under 600 members - is a fairly typical size of U3A.

The U3A exists to provide a framework in which people can get involved in helping to create, join and run lots of different learning-based and fitness activities, which improve their knowledge and skills, enhance their physical and mental wellbeing and keep them socially connected.

(Please note: The term university can be misleading - no qualifications are necessary and none are awarded; the accent is on fun).

Furness U3A covers the whole of the Furness area and we produce a Monthly Newsletter with information about our activities and forthcoming events. You can also find us on Facebook


(This section relates to the pre-Coronavirus situation. Please see the News page for the latest updates)

We have 61 interest groups which meet regularly and are organised by the U3A members themselves. Please click on the Groups button to see details of our current groups, or the Events button for details of this year's outings and Dates for your Diary. We also have occasional Study Days. Any member whose interest is not catered for is encouraged to start a new group.

Our Monthly Meetings take place on the second Tuesday of the month in the Coronation Hall, Ulverston from 10.15am, where we have a speaker, coffee and an opportunity to socialize. There is no charge for entry or for tea/coffee, and visitors are welcome. Minutes of the monthly Committee meeting are available on the noticeboard at the meeting.

We also run a Drop-In session on the last Tuesday of the month, where our groups introduce themselves and their activities. As well as providing an ideal opportunity to find out what the U3A can do for you, you will be able to find help with computing problems at our Computer Helpdesk. Bring along your laptop, tablet or phone for advice. The Drop-In welcomes members and non-members for coffee and a chat from 10:00am to 11:30am. These are held in Ulverston, Barrow and Dalton. See the Drop-in page for details.


Annual Membership

Annual membership fee is £10, renewable at the beginning of April. Anyone joining from January onwards does not need to renew until April the following year.

If you wish to become a new member, click on Full Membership Application Form, which tells you how to apply. You can also join at the Monthly Meeting and the Drop-in.


If you are already a member of another U3A, you can join Furness U3A as an Associate Member - please download and complete the appropriate form Associate Membership Application Form. There is no subscription charge for associate membership, but please include details of your own U3A and your current membership number in that U3A.

A lot of those other U3As are of course in or near major population centres, but even in Cumbria there are 11 U3As, and the nearest U3As to us are Grange & District U3A, Ambleside & District U3A, South Lakes U3A (Kendal), West Cumbria U3A (whose main meeting place is Seascale), and Lancaster & Morecambe U3A.

Like us, these other nearby other U3As each have quite a few groups, in various subjects, and we have a reciprocal arrangement with Grange & District U3A where a member of Furness U3A can join their U3A as a free associate member, and their members can likewise join our U3A as free associate members. Of course, this is mainly useful for people who live in the overlap of the catchment areas we cover, so we don't have many associate members (32 at the moment). But if you think that some other local U3A's groups or meetings might interest you, then have a look at the Links page where you'll find Links to other U3A Branches and a list of Groups run by South Cumbria U3As


This website tells you a little about us, but for more information please click on the link to our Contact page and follow the simple instructions you will find there.