The Drop-In usually meets in the Supper Room at the Coronation Hall in Ulverston on the last Tuesday of each month from 10:00am to 11:30am. There is no admission charge but tea and coffee are available for £1.

As the name suggests, you can simply 'drop in' to find out about groups, membership or just to have a friendly chat and a cup of tea.


Our recent trial Drop-in in at Barrow was very successful, with many people calling in, both existing members and visitors, and ten people taking the opportunity to join or renew their Furness U3A membership. In fact, the room we’d booked turned out to be rather small for the purpose, so we’ll be looking into other possible venues for future drop-ins around the area. Many thanks to everyone who helped organise and run the drop-in, and to everyone who came and made it a successful get-together – it was great to meet quite a few new faces.
Peter Quiggin (Chair)

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From April, there will be a Book Swap table at each ‘Drop-in’. This is in addition to the book swap which is at the back of the hall at the monthly meeting. Members can bring books, and take away books, at no cost. Books only, please - no magazines.
Joan Nicholson, Drop-In Organiser

Computer Help Desk

As well as the monthly Drop-in meeting being an informal get-together for coffee and a chat with other members, or to learn about Furness U3A groups, we also have a computer help desk. But how does that work? Well, we simply have a table with one or two us who have quite a bit of computer experience and are happy to try to help with any computer, tablet or phone problem or question you've got, so just come along and ask. We have Wi-Fi and internet available, and have our laptops there, but if at all possible please bring along your laptop, tablet or phone that you want to ask about (and its charger if it might be needed). Of course, that's not possible if it's your desktop computer, but in that case just explain what you want help with, preferably including what operating system it uses. We get all sorts of questions - emails not working, attachments won't open, how to install and use apps, where have my files gone, handling photos, anti-virus questions, ... And don’t worry that your question might seem too basic (or too hard) – computers can be very mysterious and even scary sometimes, and everyone starts learning from basically knowing nothing about them. We certainly don’t always know the answers, but if not we probably have an idea where to look, so if you think a friendly face who knows more than most about computers might be useful, then come along.

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