Annual membership fee is £14, renewable at the beginning of April. Anyone joining from January onwards does not need to renew until April the following year.


There are two ways to become a new member. One is to apply online at New Membership Application. The second way is by downloading the Full Membership Application Form and returning it to our Membership Secretary (address on the form), or you can join at the Monthly Meeting/Drop-in.


Existing members can renew online at Online Membership Renewal. They can also use the Full Membership Application Form to renew, by printing and returning it to our Membership Secretary (address on the form), or by completing a form at the Monthly Meeting/Drop-in.


If you are already a member of another U3A, you can join Furness U3A as an Associate Member - please download and complete the appropriate form Associate Membership Application Form. There is no subscription charge for associate membership, but please include details of your own U3A and your current membership number in that U3A.

In Cumbria, there are 11 U3As, and those nearest to us are Grange & District U3A, Ambleside & District U3A, South Lakes U3A (Kendal), West Cumbria U3A (whose main meeting place is Seascale), and Lancaster & Morecambe U3A.

These other U3As may have groups in different subjects to Furness, and we have a reciprocal arrangement with Grange & District whereby our members can join their U3A as a free Associate member. Their members can likewise join Furness as free Associate members. This is useful for people who live in the overlap of the catchment areas we cover. If you think some other local U3A groups might interest you, then have a look at the Links page where you'll find Links to other branches and a list of Groups run by South Cumbria U3As