Committee Members 2022-2023

The Committee generally meets in the afternoon on the first Tuesday of the month. If any U3A member would like to attend the meeting as an observer, please contact the Chair or Secretary using the form below. The form can also be used for queries to individual members of the Committee.

Ann Wilson Harry Knowles Neil McLaughlin-Cook Chris Brown
Linda Marshall Sheila Bull Dawn Elsworth Joan Nicholson Bernie Young
Chair and Website EditorAnn Wilson
Vice Chair and Publicity OfficerHarry Knowles
SecretaryNeil McLaughlin-Cook
TreasurerChris Brown
Membership SecretaryLinda Marshall and Sheila Bull
Group Leader SupportBernie Young
Drop-In & Hospitality OrganiserDawn Elsworth
Welfare & Inclusion Officer Vacancy
Speaker FinderJoan Nicholson

In addition, we have three members with supporting roles, who are not on the Committee. They are also contactable on the form below.

Tisha Scott Peter Quiggin Ron Creer
Beacon Sys AdminSys AdminNewsletter Editor
Tisha ScottPeter QuigginRon Creer

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