Four Border Abbeys

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All Four Border Abbeys U3A meetings and group activities have been suspended until further notice.

We hope that everyone keeps well and depending on government and Third Age Trust guidance, we hope to get going again as soon as it is safe.
It was not possible to hold the AGM in March so this has been postponed until a date as yet unknown.

2nd June 2020
The Third Age Trust has put together its guidance on coronavirus as relates to the movement. We continue to follow the government and NHS advice and will keep you updated with regular mailings when the advice changes.
The guidance is available via the link on the top right of this page. It has been broken down as it relates to the devolved regions.

For those of you who are getting a bit bored and looking for things to do, the Third Age Trust have some courses which may be of interest.
Examples are: Weekly Cryptic Quiz, Maths Challenge, Mindfulness and Bird Track

You can access the national U3A website via this website's "LINKS" page - select the link to the "U3A Third Age Trust".

Kelso Churches Together have been running the Kelso food bank since 2013 and during that time have helped thousands of families and individuals.

Shoppers donate at the collection trolley/box in Sainsbury's and each of the Co-Ops in the town which the Foodbank arranged.
The organisation is run completely by volunteers, many of them members of our U3A, collecting from the Supermarkets, sorting and packing the goods and delivering to those in need.
If you wish to donate foodstuffs at the supermarket please do so, they would be gratefully received. 

If you are unable to visit the supermarket at the moment and would like to donate to the Foodbank bank account, please contact Hazel Broomfield by email at or phone her at 01573 228396 and she will provide further details.
There are a lot of scams going round .This alert from the police includes the below list for you to be aware of:

AMAZON Prime Membership

  • Travel Cancellations
  • Cancellation Rights
  • Doorstep Scams
  • Zoom Scams
  • Fake= Medical Products
  • Phone Scam= s: Solar Panels
  • PayPal Scam /span>
  • Counterfeit Goods Online
  • Bank Mandate Scams
  • Stay Safe Online
  • Scam Share Signposts for Business

Please look at the LINKS attached to this page for further information.

Government advice concerning cyber activity during the emergency.

List of local Resilience & Support Groups in the Scottish Borders for help and advice during the CoronaVirus emergency.

Third Age Trust COVID_19 Guidance