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Denise researches and organises our social events and trips and does a wonderful job for us.
To contact Denise by email please use this link: %Social Secretary%

Denise would welcome your feedback on current events and ideas for future Social Events.


Places will only be reserved for Holidays upon deposits being paid
All balances are due 8 weeks prior to travelling - (Cancellations acceptable if insurance in place).
Day Trips
Places can only be reserved upon full payment being paid - (Cancellations/refunds only available if place resold).
Please remember to bring your cash or cheque book with you to the meetings to pay for a trip or make a deposit and book your place, as I can only take names with the payment.
Don't forget your Diary too, we would hate you to miss a trip because you are uncertain of a date :)
Payment by cheque is preferred - for day trips please make your cheque payable to: Forest Town & District U3A
For other trips please make your cheques payable as shown in the visit details.
Many thanks - Denise.


Dates for 2020 trips

16th November Thursford Christmas spectacular (3day) Staying at Caley hall Hunstanton bed breakfast evening meal
Day one -afternoon show and evening at the hotel
Day two is spent in Norwich
Day three - we depart calling at Holt on the way home £285

7th December2020 Potters Monday to Friday price approximately £315 again depending on numbers plus bus fare.
Deposit £50 required, please make cheques payable to Potters

Places can be booked at the Monthly General Meetings - So come join us - Denise.


My Visit to NIDD HALL - Susan Howlett

Denise and Liz invited us all
To go on a trip to Nidd Hall.
Little did they know when this was said,
Just quite what an adventure lay ahead.
On the A1 the traffic was heavy
But it was no trouble as we were happy.
Near Castle Howard a small arch was found
So we had to turn round on very soft ground.
We did eventually arrive at the Castle
And soon had our tickets without any hastle.
The house decorations were bright and magical
Large trees, candles, baubles and presents all sparkled.
A magnificent sight for everyone’s eyes
And round each corner another surprise.
The journey to Nidd should have taken an hour,
But we didn’t appreciate what was in store.
We went through many a lane and village
And ended up faced by a very low bridge.
The only escape was to reverse,
But by then we were well off course.
Eventually we did arrive
To mulled wine and mince pies.
Allocating our seats in the Pavillion
Was another task which caused a problem.
We settled in and our rooms were fine
Until we found others had goodies and wine.

Denise was fraught and disappointed.
But with determination it all was sorted.
We celebrated Christmas Day and Night.
It’s hard to believe November is still in sight.
We had crackers and blowers and balloons that flew.
We really were a very happy crew.
There were quizzes and films to keep us busy,
And a nod in a chair could be your fussy.
Some travelled to Harrogate in a taxi
And a coffee in Bettys was their fancy.
If you ventured out around the grounds,
Exercise equipment and courts for many sports were found.
What I couldn’t quite believe Were the 2 swings for the O A P’s.
Carols in the church were fun and jolly.
The first service of Christmas to make us happy.
Some ventured further around the bye ways,
To the fine village of Ripley with its castle and café.
It rained and it poured but we were indoors and dry
Until the sun came out and then we walked by.
We went to the Pantomime and laughed out loud.
It’s so good to be with a happy crowd.
The New Year came in at half past ten.
No wonder we’re confused! So say Amen.
On the way home we will visit the Monks,
And in Helmsley town we will find some shops.
We must say a big thanks to Liz and Denise.
We’ve had a good time with great memories.




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