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Newsletter - Issue 52 May 2020

Dear Members

I hope you are well and coping with these unprecedented times!
The Committee had originally decided to not publish a Newsletter after the April edition for a couple of months.
However, Jenny Wright has come forward with an excellent idea.
Jenny suggests, even though we don't have the usual Groups news to share and enjoy, it would be a perfect opportunity to catch-up with each other and share what we are doing to occupy ourselves during these very trying weeks.
Therefore, I would like to ask all the Group Leaders to email their own Group members and ask what they are doing to "fill their days" .
We always have some great articles from the Group Leaders in the Newsletter and I'm sure their Group members have lots of snippets of information and news to share with their U3A!
Jenny has also suggested that we might have a quiz or a crossword, are any of you inspired to create anything for us?
Working alongside Kelvin, our Welfare Officer, I shall be sending a bulk email to all of our members in a way of reaching out to those who are not involved with any Interest Groups in the hope of making the May edition a fantastic publication!
Kind regards

Portland Print, who print our Newsletters, due to the present circumstances have suspended their business for the duration and we are unfortunately unable to provide printed copies to those members without email addresses as we had hoped to.


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