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U3A members are expected to conduct themselves within the U3A's movements “guiding principles”.
Members are also expected to treat each other with dignity and respect. Please read the
Members Code of Conduct


Safeguarding Policy and Procedure for the Welfare of U3A Members.
The National U3A has a Safeguarding Policy for the welfare of its members.
The Executive Committee of the Forest Town & District U3A have adopted this policy for the welfare of our members.
The Committee take very seriously the welfare of our members and will act appropriately whenever possible or where instances, or allegations of actual abuse or neglect comes to their attention,
If you feel that you have been abused or treated unfairly at our any of our General or group meetings
please report it to any member of the committee in person or through our Website Contact page.
You can read the full Safeguarding Policy here: Safeguarding Policy
In conjunction with our Safeguarding Policy please read these three documents:
Complaints Procedure
Disciplinary Procedure
Grievance Procedure


NEWSBITES - News, support groups and workshops around the Nottinghamshire Network

Sharing ideas across 32 U3As in Nottinghamshire,

Read the Newsbites October 2020


The Monthly National U3A newsletter keeps you up to date with the latest events, happenings and workshops available to U3A members, click on this link: News at the Third Age to read the latest National U3A newsletter.

The U3A Sources Magazine,# The Educational Journal of the U3A movement which you receive with the TAM magazine is now available online.
It is full of interesting articles about Shared Learning Projects and other Projects in the U3A movement both Nationally and Internationally.

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