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Welcome to Filey and District U3A

1 August 2022

In preparation for the Filey Emergency Services Day being held on 21 August, an Information Booklet has been produced about Filey and District u3a. We will have a table at the event, where it is hoped to attract new members.
A copy of the Information Booklet can be found in the LINKS section opposite.

4 April 2022

Following our AGM on 24 March, the new Committee met to decide who was doing what.
Details of the New Committee and their roles can be found in the LINKS section opposite

A special thanks is due to Howard Mitton and Eleanor Harris who have left the committee.

They have both been keen and active members of the committee for many years.

Howard was Treasurer for 6 years as well as serving as Groups Coordinator and Chairman.

He also pioneered the production of our Members' Information Booklet, supervised the use of the Methodist Church for our monthly meetings, and produced most of the colourful notices about our u3a which can be found on the Noticeboards around Filey.

Eleanor had been on the Committee for 5 years as Membership Secretary and Newsletter Editor. She also coordinated the production of hard copies of documents (eg Newsletter, Notices to members) and (with Howard) their distribution to members without email. She also served as minutes secretary at Committee meetings and at our AGMs.

They will both be sorely missed but have kindly offered to help with the handover of their former tasks to the New Committee.

14 December 2021

With regret, we have decided to CANCEL our December 16th monthly meeting because of the ongoing concerns about the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19. Our members’ health has to take priority, so we felt it was wiser not to have a gathering at this time. We fully intend to hold our January monthly meeting as planned but any further alterations in the calendar will be communicated when appropriate. Activity groups will decide for themselves if they wish to continue to meet and under what conditions.

24 November 2021

Filey and District u3a have today sent to members its current statement on Inclusivity/Diversity/Equality along with its Policy Statement on Duty of Care.
Copies of these can be found in the LINKS section opposite.

6 September 2021

Many of our Interest Groups have re-started or are about to re-start.
See individual Group Pages for more details + latest Newsletter

26 August 2021

Filey and District u3a held their 2021 AGM
Members approved the u3a's new Constitution which now allowed for where it is not possible to hold an AGM in person. Thus allowing us to hold a "remote" AGM similar to what was held in September 2020.
The Third Age Trust's recommended Constitution was adopted as the basis for our update.

8 August 2021

The Third Age Trust issued their latest Covid-19 update giving advice on re-starting U3A activities - following Step 4 of the Government's Lockdown Easing Roadmap applicable from 19 July.
A copy of this was sent to all members.
A copy of it has also been put on the website in the GROUPS Section.

Many u3as and u3a Interest Groups are considering starting some face to face activity. Some members of u3as remain concerned about the pandemic while some venues used by u3as have now introduced additional requirements for usage. The Trust has taken advice on what u3as may do and have collated this in their update, put in the GROUPS Section of our website.


22 July 2021

Today we held our first "Face to Face" monthly meeting since Feb 2020, in the Methodist Church.
As well as making contact with u3a colleagues, members were able to renew their membership and collect membership cards and the new Members Information Booklet. This gives Information and contact details for the different Interest Groups.

26 February 2021

Following the recent Government announcement on its "4 steps for moving out of Lockdown" the Committee have decided to postpone the AGM (due in March) until later in the year.
The reasons being that:

1. It may allow us to hold our AGM "Face to Face" in the usual way

2. We will have a better idea of when (hopefully) all U3A activities (Interest Groups, monthly meetings etc) can re-start. This will then give us a better idea of what the Membership charge will need to be for the rest of 2021/2022 (given members' initial payment of £5)

12 February 2021

An email/letter was sent out to all current members requesting an interim payment of £5pp for 2021/22. This is to maintain membership for another year and to assist in covering our outgoings.
For more information contact our Treasurer via our CONTACT Section.

10 September 2020


A big thank you to all of our members who took part in the AGM process, which was completed with the other AGM
formalities, on 10th September. 135 members responded. (105 by email, 14 by post, 12 by
telephone and 4 in person). This represents 44% of our current membership, so we exceeded our
Quorum of 20%. 128 members were in favour of the proposed Motion (4 were against and 3
abstained). So the Motion was carried by the necessary 2/3 majority of those voting.
For more details of the AGM results please see the "Newsletter Sep 20" a copy of which can be found in the LINKS Section opposite.

Filey is a small town in North Yorkshire, England. Historically part of the East Riding of Yorkshire, it forms part of the borough of Scarborough and is located between Scarborough and Bridlington on the North Sea coast. Although it started out as a fishing village, it has a large beach and is a popular tourist resort. According to the 2011 UK census, Filey parish had a population of 6,981,[1] an increase on the 2001 UK census figure of 6,819

Home and Garden Event Filey and District are proud to be part of the U3A Organisation and to promote the Objectives and Principles of the Third Age Trust.
Filey and District U3A encompasses the surrounding villages of Hunmanby, Muston, Lebberston, Gristhorpe and Cayton all in the county of North Yorkshire.
We have been established since 2011 and in February 2020 we have approximately 306 members and 38 activity groups.

We hold our monthly meeting in the Methodist Church Union Street Filey, usually on the fourth Thursday of the month.(See EVENTS page for more details).

Further background on Filey can be found by following the link Background to Filey.

In May 2018 the way that organisations are obliged to treat your personal data changed. This is known as GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation). We have updated our Privacy Policy for how we will deal with Filey and District U3A members' personal information.The updated policy includes photographs as they are now classed as personal data. A copy of our Policy can be found by following the link
updated privacy policy. Our Data Protection Policy is now also available. Please use the link shown on the right.

In April 2019, following legal advice from the Third Age Trust, Filey and District U3A carried out a "Legitimate Interest Assessment" to set out the reasons why it processes membership information. Our Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy have both been updated to reflect this. A copy of our Legitimate Interest Assessment is also now available using the link on the right.

Hard copies of our two policy documents and the Legitimate Interest Assessment are available from our secretary.
A copy of our current membership application form can be found by following the link Membership Application Form.

Those of you who attended the Open Day on 25 April 2019 were given Information booklets which give you many details about each of the 37 Interest Groups. (ie Group Organiser's name and telephone number, when the group meets and it's current status - ie Full, with vacancies or with a waiting list).
These Information Booklets will also be available at future Monthly Meetings.

Both the Membership Application Form and the new Information Booklet now contain a section headed "The Terms and Conditions of U3A Membership". This outlines the main principles that members must follow if we are to be a successful and enjoyable U3A.

ie All members must:
• Abide by the Principles of the U3A movement.
• Always act in the best interests of the U3A and never do anything to bring the U3A into
disrepute or expose it to undue risk.
• Abide by Filey and District U3A's procedures and practices.
• Use Filey and District U3A's resources responsibly and only to further its stated charitable
• Support the current organisational policy of Filey and District U3A' regardless of whether it
conflicts with their personal views.
• Treat fellow members with respect and courtesy at all times.
• Comply with and support the decisions of the elected committee.
• Advise the committee of any change in your personal details.



Following approval of the motion raised at the AGM in March 2019, a hard copy of the Filey and District U3A Committee Minutes has been made available at monthly meetings. With the cessation of monthly meetings, due to Covid 19, an electronic copy of the minutes is available from the Secretary.