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13 July 2020

The Third Age Trust have just issued the latest NHS Covid Guidance as it relates to U3As.
In particular it updates the Government rules on "meeting up" in groups.
A copy of this Updated Guidance is given in the LINK column opposite.

14 JUNE 2020


We have just held our first Committee Meeting (using ZOOM) since cancelling our AGM at the end of March.

We are pleased to make the following announcements:

1. We plan to hold our AGM at the end of September. (This is to comply with the Charity Commission requirements and it will probably be held "remotely")

2. We are extending your current 2019/20 membership until 31 March 2021. Thus giving you 2 years of membership for £12.

3. Membership Renewals are postponed until 1 April 2021

4. Interest Groups. Some of our "Outdoor Activity" Interest Groups may wish to consider re-starting following the updated Government rules on "Meeting up" introduced on 1 June. These were outlined in the Third Age Trust (TAT) Update forwarded to members on 4 June (ie Groups of up to 6 people can meet up, anywhere outside, provided they maintain 2 metre distancing)
[The Government updated this on 23 June. They should maintain 2 metres social distancing if at all possible but this could be reduced to 1 metre if the individuals take other measures to reduce the spread of the virus. eg the wearing of face masks, avoiding face to face contact]
Both the Group Organiser and the individual group member need to take account of this when carrying out their risk assessment for the particular Group activity.
Guidance on what is needed to do this is given in the TAT Update (A copy of the guidance and the Risk assessment checklist is given on the GROUPS Page of the Website - SEE LINK DOCUMENTS)

Individual members are now covered by the U3A's Insurance Policies.(Please see the Filey & District Website - GROUPS SECTION - for details of the individual Insurance policies. BUT PLEASE NOTE: ALL U3A ACTIVITIES ARE UNDERTAKEN AT THE MEMBER'S OWN RISK.)
Several Interest Groups who usually meet indoors are already meeting "remotely" using ZOOM, SKYPE, emails and telephone.

5. We will be producing a Newsletter to distribute to members - probably in early July. This will contain more details about the above items, plus what our Interest Groups have been doing since Lockdown.

Meanwhile could you please pass on the above information to any members you know that do not have email access.

Keep yourself safe and well

Filey & District U3A Committee


21 MARCH 2020


In the last few days, the advice from the Government and the NHS (and endorsed by the Third Age Trust) has changed.
The advice is that from now on everyone should stop non-essential contact with others and adopt social distancing. People in ‘at risk groups’ are to be shielded from social contact for 12 weeks. People who should take particular care to minimise social contact are, among others, people over the age of 70.
We have also talked to our neighbouring U3As about the action they have taken about their U3A Activities.

THUS, WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT, All U3A activities (including group activities) have to be cancelled.

1. The AGM has been postponed until later in the year (possibly Sep/Oct when it is hoped to restart our monthly meetings).
2. Membership renewal has been postponed until later in the year (possibly Sep/Oct)
3. All trips and outings need to be cancelled/postponed.
4. Interest Groups. All interest group activities requiring physical "social" contact, need to be cancelled. Any such group wanting to continue, even with social distancing, does so at their own risk. They would not be covered by the U3A's Insurance Policy. However groups are encouraged to stay in touch with their members using remote means (eg Skype, Facebook, email, or by telephone )
5. We suggest that friends link into self contact groups. A daily phone call and/or email/Skype could help reduce social isolation and give support.
We apologise if this causes you any inconvenience but we are sure you understand the exceptional situation with which we are now faced.

Please can you pass on the above information to any members that you know don't have email access

We will be in touch again to keep you up to date when we can

Filey & District U3A Committee

Filey is a small town in North Yorkshire, England. Historically part of the East Riding of Yorkshire, it forms part of the borough of Scarborough and is located between Scarborough and Bridlington on the North Sea coast. Although it started out as a fishing village, it has a large beach and is a popular tourist resort. According to the 2011 UK census, Filey parish had a population of 6,981,[1] an increase on the 2001 UK census figure of 6,819

Home and Garden Event Filey and District are proud to be part of the U3A Organisation and to promote the Objectives and Principles of the Third Age Trust.
Filey and District U3A encompasses the surrounding villages of Hunmanby, Muston, Lebberston, Gristhorpe and Cayton all in the county of North Yorkshire.
We have been established since 2011 and in February 2020 we have approximately 306 members and 38 activity groups.

We hold our monthly meeting in the Methodist Church Union Street Filey, usually on the fourth Thursday of the month.(See EVENTS page for more details).

Further background on Filey can be found by following the link Background to Filey.

In May 2018 the way that organisations are obliged to treat your personal data changed. This is known as GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation). We have updated our Privacy Policy for how we will deal with Filey and District U3A members' personal information.The updated policy includes photographs as they are now classed as personal data. A copy of our Policy can be found by following the link
updated privacy policy. Our Data Protection Policy is now also available. Please use the link shown on the right.

In April 2019, following legal advice from the Third Age Trust, Filey and District U3A carried out a "Legitimate Interest Assessment" to set out the reasons why it processes membership information. Our Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy have both been updated to reflect this. A copy of our Legitimate Interest Assessment is also now available using the link on the right.

Hard copies of our two policy documents and the Legitimate Interest Assessment are available from our secretary.
A copy of our current membership application form can be found by following the link Membership Application Form.

This year, those of you who attended the Open Day on 25 April were given Information booklets which give you many details about each of the 37 Interest Groups. (ie Group Organiser's name and telephone number, when the group meets and it's current status - ie Full, with vacancies or with a waiting list).
These Information Booklets will also be available at future Monthly Meetings.

Both the Membership Application Form and the new Information Booklet now contain a section headed "The Terms and Conditions of U3A Membership". This outlines the main principles that members must follow if we are to be a successful and enjoyable U3A.

ie All members must:
• Abide by the Principles of the U3A movement.
• Always act in the best interests of the U3A and never do anything to bring the U3A into
disrepute or expose it to undue risk.
• Abide by Filey and District U3A's procedures and practices.
• Use Filey and District U3A's resources responsibly and only to further its stated charitable
• Support the current organisational policy of Filey and District U3A' regardless of whether it
conflicts with their personal views.
• Treat fellow members with respect and courtesy at all times.
• Comply with and support the decisions of the elected committee.
• Advise the committee of any change in your personal details.



Following approval of the motion raised at the AGM in March, a hard copy of the Filey and District U3A Committee Minutes will be made available at monthly meetings.