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In the light of the current situation, there have been some changes to procedures. These can be accessed from the links at the side of the page.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2020

This was on August 13. Please use the following links to access information about it:

Trustees Report - AGM 2020
Agenda for AGM 2020
AGM Draft Accounts 2019-2020
Committee Nominations AGM 2020
AGM 2020 - Information
Nomination Form AGM 2020 - pdf
Nomination Form AGM 2020 - word

2020 Committee:

Chair Christine Chittock chairperson@exmouthu3a.org.uk
Secretary & Facebook Ian McLauchlin secretary@exmouthu3a.org.uk
Treasurer Richard Morgan treasurer@exmouthu3a.org.uk
Newsletter John Hunt newsletter@exmouthu3a.org.uk
Membership Olwen Smith membership@exmouthu3a.org.uk
Publicity Officer Camilla Benyon publicity@exmouthu3a.org.uk
Tech Team and Connect on Thursday John Hunt johnh@exmouthu3a.org.uk
Groups Lyn Holmes groups@exmouthu3a.org.uk
Beacon Database Maurice Chittock database@exmouthu3a.org.uk
Connect on Thursday Speakers etc. Christine Chittock speakers@exmouthu3a.org.uk
Committee member Anne Howard ahoward@exmouthu3a.org.uk
Committee member Jan Collett jcollett@exmouthu3a.org.uk

Stored here are documents relevant to Exmouth and District U3A, including the minutes of committee meetings.

The Current Constitution is the one that was revised in 2012 and operative from the U3A AGM in 2013.