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In the light of the current situation, there have been some changes to procedures. These can be accessed from the Admin page through the Admin button.

U3A Update about Coronovirus

The latest information from National is available via the link here. Coronovirus U3A update 10 March 2020

Janet - Trading Standards - CybercrimeCybercrime talk

This excellent talk took place on 24 February. There is a review with lots of useful information if you follow this Cybertalk Review

April Newsletter

Please go to the Newsletter tab and open the Exmouth and District Newsletter

Red Arrows Talk

Please look at the review to remember an excellent talk - or to see what you missed. Thank you, Christine for getting such a good speaker.

Best of Times Review

We have a brilliant illustrated write up on this event. Please follow the link at the side of the page.

Rotary Events for VE Day

Please use the VE Day links at the side of the page to find information on a Concert (7th May) and Big Band Cabaret Evening (10th May).

Rotary Quiz April 6th

For more information go to Member News and follow the link.

Model Making GroupModel Making Group

Patrick was advertising this possible new group at our last general meeting. If you click on the photo you will see how brilliant the models are. If you are interested in joining this group you could email the Group Coordinator to see how to get in touch with him.

Do you think you are missing out on communications from Sandy, Nigel and Others?

These emails may be getting mislaid - please look at the document Receiving Emails from U3A accessible via the link at the side of this page for information and help.

Newsletter & Nigel's Group News

The August editions are available now - from the Newsletter tab. Nigel's General Group News is also available from the Groups page.

There are lots of groups, please go to the pages to look!

Social Committee Events

These are accessible from the Welcome and Meeting pages via a link to the right of the page.

Knitted with Love from Exmouth

Please go to the Knitting webpage to see news of their latest charity endeavours. Thank you all.

Quilting for Fun group helping local museum

Our latest quilt is a “Hearts” quilt which we donated to the Exmouth Museum.

They are raffling this quilt off to help the museum raise funds to survive.

Our quilting group is delighted to donate this quilt. Every member of the group shares the work on our quilts in one way or another, from design, practical sewing, laying out, basting, quilting and finishing! It’s very much a group effort. Our session together help build up our support for each other and this is carried through and beyond our sessions. It makes our completed quilts a bit of each of us. We are delighted to offer our help to the museum, which should remain in the heart of Exmouth. We will be selling tickets over the coming months! An added bonus is that it also promotes the U3A in Exmouth.

Committee Meeting minutes

These can be accessed now from the Admin page.

News from National about MOOCs

These are Massive Open Online Courses. There is some information about them available via the link. Lots of ideas to keep learning new things. Alternatively you can go to https://u3asites.org.uk/advice-on-moocs/. Also there is a link at the side of the page to a personal experience of a MOOC.

Click on a picture below to see it full-size with more details.