Events/trips 2018


EVENT: Trip to Teignmouth Museum
Present: Brenda Barnes Sandy Marianne pauline Marilyn

We took the 2 bus to Teignmouth and walked to the Teignmouth & Shaldon Museum (£2.50) to see stories of local people Including Edward Pellew who was depicted in the Hornblower films. He joined the navy at 13 and rose to the rank of Admiral: fought in the Americn War of Independence and the Napoleonic wars. The Museum also has an original Victorian Bathing Machine.

So after the museum we spent a very enjoyable afternoon looking round the art venues. The TAAG art group had some lovely art work and was paramount in making Teignmouth an art venue. However, they are threatened with closure so we signed a petition to try to stop it. Some then went to Laura Walls Gallery and others charity shopping


EVENT: Thelma Hubert Gallery, Honiton 25 yrs of the East Devon Way.

Present: Jane Love, Jackie Holdstock, Pauline Butts, Lesley Churchill-Birch

The gallery has been doing a project for the last ten years celebrating 25 years of the East Devon Way, the 40 mile footpath running from Exmouth to Lyme Regis. They were showcasing the work of various local contemporary artists; Angus Rutherford, Gabby Hoad and Jenny Mellings using creative ways of engaging with the landscape. The project took place along the 40 mile EDW with free and subsidised workshops. The paintings we loved were made with pigments taken from the countryside and were quite stunning.