I extracted this from a document about GCSE resources:

Teacher Resource Bank / GCSE Italian / Resources List / Version 1.0
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Audio/Text books
-Carole Shepherd and Derek Aust Amici. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004 Students’ book, Teacher’s book, Workbook and audio material on CD
-Carole Shepherd and Derek Aust Amici: AQA Exam Guide Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009 Students’ book and audio material on CD
-Carole Shepherd and Derek Aust Saluti: writing practice in Italian. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 2000
-Contatti 1 Students’ book - Freeth and Checketts - Hodder and Stoughton
-Contatti 1 Activities book - Freeth and Checketts - Hodder and Stoughton

Sample websites
There is a wide range of extremely useful websites. The easiest way to find useful material is to type in a word (e.g. dieta, cibo, calcio etc.) into www.google.it

For teachers

For students
-www.linguascope.com (subscription site)
-Italian Steps - BBC

Useful information
-Further information can be found from CILT at www.cilt.org.uk or from the Italian Bookshop at www.italianbookshop.co.uk
-ELI magazines and articles at appropriate level, for up-to-date topics and news – from Educational School Books in Cheltenham
-Idee pratiche (photocopiable resource) Mary Glasgow
-Grammatichiamo 1, 2 and 3 (photocopiable) Heinemann
-A tu per tu for pairwork - Dreke, Lind, Modica and Valenti – Langenscheidt
-Italian music for transcribing – various
-Dip into other useful books for some items, e.g.
-Pronto - Lamping and Durrant - Pitman
-Italian newspapers for TV and weather etc.
-Items recorded from TV
-Corriere della Sera website – simple articles

Reference material
Any good smallish but not ‘gem’ sized dictionary plus a bigger reference dictionary Azione Grammatica – reference grammar