3. Health and Nutrition

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The science behind the headlines. nhs.uk evaluation of the science behind the headlines on a wide range of health topics.
Government\'s Eatwell Guide. A critique.
Eatwell Guide. Conflicts of interest.

A Big fat surprise by Nina Teicholz
Brain maker by David Perlmutter
The China study by Colin Campbell
The Diet myth by Tim Spector
Grain brain by David Perlmutter
Gut - the most under-rated organ in your body by Giulia Enders
Health wars, by Phillip Day
How not to die: discover the food scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease by Michael Greger and Gene Stone
Not on the label by Felicity Lawrence
Sugar, salt, fat by Michael Moss
Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre
Bad Science by Ben Goldacre
The Carbon fields by Graham Harvey
Fat chance, the bitter truth about sugar by Dr Robert Lustig
The Great cholesterol con by Dr Malcolm Kendrick
The Omnivore's dilemma by Michael Pollan

Gut bacteria and mind control
The men who made us fat - BBC2
Cancer: the forbidden cures

The British Gut Project

What does a faecal transplant do?
Gut bacteria reveal your health
Nutritional quality of farmed fish
Regrow your brain at any age