Science+ Previous and Potential Topics

Potential future Topics include:

- Radiation is all around us
- Human Speech Production
- The Evolution of the light bulb
- What is radioactive waste
- Modern Encryption techniques

Previous Topics have included:

The Wave nature of lightNeutrinos travel faster than light?
Photovoltaic generation of ElectricityMeasuring the gravitational Constant G
Dinosaurs"Seeing" Sound
Explosions – videoSnowball Earth - Video
History of PrintingAeroplane wings – the principles and engineering
The future of Conventional Nuclear Fission ReactorsScience of Explosives
Living on the Space StationMagnetic suspension and magnetic levitation
The Enigma of Encryption 500BC-1945ADThe Cosmos
Relationship between electricity and magnetism part 1 & 2How numbers can help to forecast the weather
Smallpox – dead but not buriedAdditive Layer manufacturing – (3D printing)
A Novel Molecular Accelerator Life of Bees
Nuclear Fusion Reactors – Magnetic Confinement & Inertial ConfinementResearching the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site
Weather Satellites The reasons behind our everyday world moving from ‘Analogue to Digital
The evolution of the Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS)GM Crops for and against
Transport Modelling -