Topics of the Discussion Circle

Apr-19 Is it sensible always to be sensible. Suggested and introduced by Edith Nield.
May-19 Is modern technology ruining childhood? Introduced by Kay Mathews.
Jun-19 Benefits of mindfulness. Introduced by Eileen Digweed.
Jul-19 Subject to be confirmed. Introduced by Jonathan Peat.
Aug-19 What should be done about rough sleeping? Phil Slater.
Sep-19 Is creativity always for the greater good? Introducer to be confirmed.

Past topics

What limits, if any, should be applied to pet ownership in towns?
Our worlds.
Body language.
Attire, law and society.
Will robots and AI rule the world?
Understanding sexual violence against women.
Why do people have cosmetic surgery?
Is there life after death?
Communing with nature
Have men lost their identity in society?
What's the point of holidays?
Is World War III on the horizon?
Should women be imprisoned for minor offences?
Science and society
Customs, traditions and practices
Should shops close on a Sunday?
Can the human race avoid its own extinction?
Why do some things irritate some people so much and others not at all?
Show and tell followed by lunch
Our throwaway society
Why do we eat?
The economic value of a human life
Has the blame culture gone too far?
Do grandparents have rights pertaining to grandchildren?
Should drivers have to take a test every 5 years once they reach 70?
Are we all capable of killing?
Who should have the power to create money?
Why do UK residents expect to buy and own their own home when the majority of other countries seem quite happy to rent?
Is it right than older people have free bus travel and TV licences whilst others face rigorous cuts to their benefits?
Refugees - Europe in Crisis
Does power corrupt?
Can war ever be justified?
Slavery was wrong but their descendants have a better life than those still in Africa.
Human sexuality as language
Music - Does music have a physical/emotional effect on us and if so why? Is musical ability a gift or an essential part of our brain?
Religion has always been the corner stone for morality. In the secular world where will the unbeliever find its corner stone?
Are we too dependent on the NHS?
Would you object to ID cards?
Gender - is it purely a social construct? Is gender identity inescapable?
Are we too dependent on the National Health Service?
Being politically correct
Would you go to jail on a matter of principle?
Should the law allow assisted suicide/dying?
Why is more fuss made when several people die at the same time than the many more who die separately every day?
Would you prefer to live in a monoculture our a multi racial society?
Do we have free will?
Alcohol is legal, so why not legalise all other recreational drugs?
Is technology addiction a problem amongst the young?
Is reading fiction a waste of time?
Is DIRECT ACTION a threat to democracy?
Do you trust your memory?
Would you prefer to live in a mono-culture or a multi-racial society?
Conflict tourism: is this a new phenomenon? Does it bring any benefits?
Are we being blinded by vision?
Is technology addiction a problem amongst the young?
Alcohol is legal, so why not legalise all other recreational drugs?
What is art?
Has feminism done women any favours?
Should the burka be banned?
Are we wilful in our blindness?
What influences do Europe and America have on British culture today?
Is language essential for thought?
What might our role be in changing attitudes towards older people?
Do religious structures get in the way of faith?
Is evil innate or learned?
What factors would influence the outcome of a UK referendum on EU membership?
Is the word love misused?
Has technology made religion obsolete?
U3A discussion paper
Does synchronicity confound the idea that coincidence is simply a random happening?
Mixed marriage
Overseas aid & development