Group Practice

Group members agree to:

  • start on time
  • be actively inviting in practice
  • remain open minded
  • explore and challenge the views or ideas of others, not the person
  • aim for respectful behaviour within the group
  • listen to each other carefully
  • identify a group facilitator for each discussion whilst taking individual responsibility for good practice within the group
  • inform the facilitator (or administrator) of potential absence
  • inform the group of a decision to leave to open opportunity for another member
  • provide the circle with discussion topics
  • take responsibility for briefly introducing your own topic
  • consider the topic prior to the discussion

Group convenor will:

  • maintain contact with the group membership
  • maintain current entries in the Newsletter and on the web site
  • ensure the venue is available and appropriate as agreed
  • respond to enquiries about the group
  • manage membership of the group in accordance with the group's attendance requirement

Facilitator will:

  • record those present (U3A requirement)
  • encourage respectful group practice
  • encourage a high level of participation
  • discourage individuals from monopolising the time
  • encourage members to keep the discussion relevant to the topic chosen
  • ensure a short break at an agreed time
  • end the meeting by 12:30, having provided time for each member to reflect