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In order to give Exeter U3A members another way of staying in touch with each other during this difficult 'lock-down' time, a Face Book page has been created. If you would like to join in the discussion on that page, or even just see what others are posting please click the link below. Please note that this is a 'closed group' so if you want to join then click the 'join' button and the page administrator will then tell you if your membership is accepted.

Exeter U3A FaceBook Page

Exeter U3A - Message to all Members from the Committee

CORONAVIRUS - Covid-19 - 16 March 2020

The Committee of Exeter U3A has met and agreed the following in response to the current situation:

1. That the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 23 April has been postponed and will
be rearranged at a later date.

2. That the Monthly Meetings on 26 March, 28 May, 25 June and 23 July have been

3. A recommendation that all Exeter U3A Groups cease to meet until further notice.

All of the paid for venues at The Mint have now been cancelled until further notice. Any Groups still wishing to continue with activities during the current situation will be required to arrange a booking directly with the Mint Administration.

This action has not been taken lightly and reflects the Committee’s prime concern for the wellbeing of Members, especially those at most risk.

It is the intention that the Committee will seek to give monthly updates on the position with Exeter U3A and the coronavirus outbreak in order to keep Members informed.

The Third Age Trust has created a dedicated page on the national website to keep you up to date with the latest guidance and advice - both general and specific to U3A which you can find by clicking the link on the top right corner of this Hot News page.


Living History in Unprecedented Times

U3A members are being asked to help craft a shared learning project where they create living history of this extraordinary time.
The project will look for personal thoughts, ideas and reflections on how this feels to you and what you are doing to deal with it.  Members may want to keep an electronic diary or to find a little note-book which you can have close at hand to scribble down thoughts as they come.
We are asking people to write up anything they think relevant to having to be at home and your thoughts and reactions.
If you are interested and would like more information click living histories .


The Exeter U3A AGM will NOT TAKE PLACE ON April 23rd - It has been postponed to a future date - to be announced

Papers for the AGM can be found by clicking these links:

1. Notice of 2020 AGM.
2. Proposal form for Committee Membership
3. 2019 AGM Minutes
4. 2015 Constitution
5. Proposed New 2020 Constitution
6. Note Re: Constitutional Changes

For any other information please contact Exeter U3A General Secretary from the contacts page.

Membership Fees for 2020/2021 The membership fee rates for 2020/2021 have been anounced. From April 1st the fee will be £22 for the year, but a discounted rate of £18 is offered to current members if you renew before March 31st 2020.

Congratulations to Minna Egan on being appointed as General Secretary to Exeter U3A. We wish her well in the post. If you would like to contact Minna please go to the contacts page and make sure you check the 'Secretary' button before sending your email.

One of the Italian groups currently has capacity for new members. See details on our web page (Click Here).

Having completed our GCSE book we are moving on and will focus on conversation, probably "stumbling conversation" at first. We will also set specific revision targets for each session. And from time to time we'll enjoy an Italian film or TV programme.

If you'd like to join us, please contact Helen Cleasby, group convenor."

1. Spanish Beginners Group
2. Craft Group
3. Chess Group
Also a course
Learning to Be Retired

For more information about these groups and the course please contact Daphne, our Groups Coordinator. Click the link to reach the contacts page and write your email at the bottom remembering to click the Groups Coordinator button.

Exeter U3A Safeguarding Policy Exeter U3A recognises its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of Members when taking part in its activities. Please read the new Safeguarding Policy at this Exeter U3A Safeguarding Policy link.

Next NEW MEMBERS' Welcome Café will be held on November 29th - for information and details please contact the Membership Secretary via the Contacts page.

Philosophy Group 2
A second philosophy group has started and is being coordinated by Roger. At present they are meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2.00 pm. Five people attended the first meeting and so there is room for more to join. If you are interested please contact Roger by clicking on email Roger.

POSSIBLE NEW ITALIAN CONVERSATION GROUP. We are hoping to start an 'Italian Group that focuses on conversation for the more advanced Italian speaker'. Anyone interested please email Daphne (email address under "Groups Coordinator" on the Contacts page (click the link) or see Committee Contacts in the Newsletter).

PROSPECTIVE NEW MEMBERS TRIAL SESSIONS The Committee confirmed that their policy is that prospective members are covered by Exeter U3A insurance for two taster sessions while they decide whether to join or not. They do ask, though, that these people notify convenors of their intention to attend a group on this basis.

NEW Disability Access Policy agreed by the committee. Please read it at NEW Disability Access Policy

Please note that all Room Bookings and changes and cancellations must
go through the membership Secretary whose contact information can be found in the Newsletter or email from contacts page. Please do not contact the Groups Coordinator, about this particular job.

A NEW U3A SW Region Website is now up an running. Take a look by clicking U3A South West Region to see all that is happening with our neighboring U3As

For all current events & opportunities see Exeter University Liaison

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