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Italian Group The Italian group convened by Helen has a space available. Anyone interested should contact Helen. Helen's email address is in the 'contacts list' of the newsletter or via the 'Groups Coordinator' (email on the Contacts page of the web site). For more information about this group see their web page by clicking Italian.

NEW GROUPS COORDINATOR Daphne has now taken on the Groups Coordinator's role. Anyone wanting help to start a new group, or any other pertinent information please contact Daphne via the contacts page (click the Groups Coordinator button before sending your message).

Philosophy Group 2
A second philosophy group has started and is being coordinated by Roger. At present they are meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2.00 pm. Five people attended the first meeting and so there is room for more to join. If you are interested please contact Roger by clicking on email Roger.

Exeter U3A Safeguarding Policy Exeter U3A recognises its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of Members when taking part in its activities. Please read the new Safeguarding Policy at this Exeter U3A Safeguarding Policy link.

POSSIBLE NEW ITALIAN CONVERSATION GROUP. We are hoping to start an 'Italian Group that focuses on conversation for the more advanced Italian speaker'. Anyone interested please email Daphne (email address under "Groups Coordinator" on the Contacts page (click the link) or see Committee Contacts in the Newsletter).

NEXT YEAR'S MEMBERSHIP FEES: At a recent meeting of the committee it was agreed that fees for April 2019 to March 2020 would be £20 per person with a discount of £5 for current members if they renew their membership before March 31st 2019. (Posted Thursday 24th January 2019).

PROSPECTIVE NEW MEMBERS TRIAL SESSIONS The Committee confirmed that their policy is that prospective members are covered by Exeter U3A insurance for two taster sessions while they decide whether to join or not. They do ask, though, that these people notify convenors of their intention to attend a group on this basis.

IF YOU JOINED EXETER U3A COMMITTEE, WHAT WOULD YOU BE EXPECTED TO DO? To read the job descriptions of all your committee members click the link Committee News and Information and scroll down until you find the job description links.

NEW Disability Access Policy agreed by the committee. Please read it at NEW Disability Access Policy

Please note that all Room Bookings and changes and cancellations must go through the Secretary whose contact information can be found in the Newsletter or email from contacts page. Please do not contact the Groups Coordinator, about this particular job.

A NEW U3A SW Region Website is now up an running. Take a look by clicking U3A South West Region to see all that is happening with our neighboring U3As

For all current events & opportunities see Exeter University Liaison

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