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WEBSITE NEWS: You may or may not know that over Christmas all U3A websites using the provider that Exeter U3A uses was out of action due to a malicious attack. The Problem has now been solved and all is working again.

HOWEVER: ALL group conveners/leaders who administer their own group's pages now need new passwords to access the site. IF you usually administer your group's page but cannot get onto the website to do so, or would like to to administer your group's page (add text and pictures to it) in the future then please contact your two Web Administrators, Dave Parsons and Ivan Andrews via the Contacts page (click the word contacts). Thank you.

NEW Disability Access Policy agreed by the committee. Please read it at NEW Disability Access Policy

Information about how to avoid being a victim of "CYBER CRIME"
Please see the link Cyber Crime Information. Click this link or the link on the right hand box of the Hot News page to see the information shared at the November General Meeting.

Thursday, 25th January 2018
Mint Methodist Church
Come and explore what groups Exeter U3A has to offer you! Start your own interest group?

NEW Membership POLICY
Posted on the Welcome Page
To see your committee's new membership policy please click New Membership Policy

Please note that all Room Bookings and changes and cancellations must now go through the Secretary, Anne Staley whose contact information can be found in the Newsletter. Please do not contact Lynne, the Groups Coordinator, about this particular job.

A NEW U3A SW Region Website is now up an running. Take a look by clicking U3A South West Region to see all that is happening with our neighbouring U3As

For all current events & opportunities see Exeter University Liaison

EXETER SCRAPSTORE: ScrapStore is located near Belmont Park. The Scrapstore is an excellent source of craft materials. Their website can be reached at http://www.exeterscrapstore.co.uk/

Computing problems with Windows Live Mail. Microsoft have ceased offering official support updates in the use of Windows live Mail, much to consternation of many complainants and and articles posted on the web. Alan Paul of Ravenshead U3A has just written a step by step guide based on information read on the web which allows you to continue using Windows Live Mail and in particular with Hotmail accounts, which have been failing in recent months. For more information go to Ravenshead U3A Computer Help

NB To receive the Bi-Monthly Newsletter by email you need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If you don't have this installed, you can download it by going to this website and following the instructions: http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/. If your computer has a different operating system from the one shown you can change the specification by going to this website: http://get.adobe.com/uk/. It is very useful to have this facility, as many documents available on the internet come in pdf form nowadays. If you have difficulty with this please contact the Computer Mentoring group for advice or Web Master Ivan Andrews