Our Groups


We are very happy to receive enquiries about our groups but please be aware that not all groups are able to meet at the moment.

A number of groups are using Zoom or other videoconferencing methods as a way to keep going at the moment. Any Group Convenors or group members who want help with using videoconferencing please see the link on the right of this page.

Any groups considering restarting outdoor activities should refer to the latest advice and risk assessments shown on the HOT NEWS page.



Current Groups
Our current groups are listed in the table below. Please click on the name of the group to find information about their activities, where and when they usually meet and who the Group Convenor is. The bimonthly Newsletter also has reports on recent activity from many of the groups which can give you a flavour of how they operate. Details of the times and location of group meetings may vary from month to month so please check current details with the Group Convenor. Please note that some groups have limited membership due to accommodation restrictions, or other needs.

Contacting Groups
Existing Exeter U3A members can find contact details for Group Convenors in the latest Newsletter. Prospective members can get in touch through the Group Coordinator via our CONTACT page. Our policy is to allow prospective new members to try two group sessions (two sessions of one group or one session of two different groups) before deciding whether or not to join Exeter U3A.

Starting New Groups
If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the list or the group you are interested in is currently full then have a look at our HOT NEWS page for details of proposed new groups. Failing that why not start a group yourself? For information about what is involved in being a Group Convenor and lots of help with setting up a new group contact the Groups Coordinator via the CONTACT page and/or see the link on the right for Group Convenor/Leader Information.

Paid For Venue (PFV) Fees
If you join a group that meets in a paid for venue (PFV) you will be required to pay a £1 contribution towards the venue cost for each group session you attend. These PFV fees are payable quarterly in arrears and may be paid at the monthly meeting or by contacting the Treasurer via the Newsletter contact details or the CONTACT page. Records of PFV fees payable are compiled from the meeting sign in sheets so it is important to ensure that you sign in to every meeting you attend.


Key requirements of the role can be found in the Information for Group Convenors accessed via the link on the right and a few of the more important points are set out below.

Booking and cancellation of rooms
Please note that all new room bookings and changes and cancellations must go through the Secretary, Minna Egan, whose contact information can be found in the Newsletter or via the CONTACT page. Please do not contact the Groups Co-ordinator about this particular job.

It is important to remember that U3A insurance is to protect members against litigation following negligence. It is not personal accident cover. It is important, therefore, particularly for outdoor groups, to ensure that all participants are members (or prospective new members on one of their two allowed trial sessions) and that they all know that they take part at their own risk.

PFV Fees
If your group meets in a paid for venue it is not your responsibility to collect PFV fees but please make sure all group members (Including the convenor) sign in to each session and are aware of the requirement to pay their fees quarterly in arrears. Prospective new members on a trial session are not required to pay but should still sign in and mark themselves as a Visitor on the sign in sheet.


You may also be interested in U3A Online Courses so go and have a look.

Group List
AnthropologyArt and ArtistsBridgeCanoeing
ChoirCinemaCircle DanceClassical Music
Convenors' CafeCraftCrosswordsCycling
DiscussionDiscussion CircleDiscussion Circle 2Drawing for Pleasure
ExerciseExeter University LiaisonFood MattersFrench Issues and Topics
GardeningGeologyGerman ConversationHeraldry
HistoryHistory on the MoveItalianItalian 2
Italian 3Italian ConversationLanguageLatin
Local HistoryMah JongMah Jong 2Mathematical Pastimes
Natural HistoryOut and AboutParlonsPatchwork, Applique & Quilting
PhilosophyPhotographyQuilting BeeQuizzes
Reading Group IIIReading Group IVReading Group VReading Group VI
Reading Group VIIScienceScrabbleShort Weekly Walks
Spanish : First CourseSpanish for BeginnersSubtitlesSupper Club
Table TennisTalking About DeathTennisUkulele
Ukulele BeginnersUnderstanding the WeatherWalkie TalkiesWalking Group
Workshop SingersWriting for Pleasure
Group List
AnthropologyArt and Artists
Circle DanceClassical Music
Convenors' CafeCraft
DiscussionDiscussion Circle
Discussion Circle 2Drawing for Pleasure
ExerciseExeter University Liaison
Food MattersFrench Issues and Topics
German ConversationHeraldry
HistoryHistory on the Move
ItalianItalian 2
Italian 3Italian Conversation
Local HistoryMah Jong
Mah Jong 2Mathematical Pastimes
Natural HistoryOut and About
ParlonsPatchwork, Applique & Quilting
Quilting BeeQuizzes
Reading Group IIIReading Group IV
Reading Group VReading Group VI
Reading Group VIIScience
ScrabbleShort Weekly Walks
Spanish : First CourseSpanish for Beginners
SubtitlesSupper Club
Table TennisTalking About Death
Ukulele BeginnersUnderstanding the Weather
Walkie TalkiesWalking Group
Workshop SingersWriting for Pleasure