Ewyas Harold & District


Ewyas Harold and District U3A Equality and Diversity Policy

Statement and Aims

Ewyas Harold and District U3A is committed to treating all people equally and with respect, irrespective of their age, disability, race, nationality, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation or gender reassignment, class or socio-economic status or political belief.
Ewyas Harold and District U3A recognises that some people are particularly likely to experience discrimination and harassment and is committed to making sure that our group is as inclusive and welcoming as possible.

We aim to design our activities, services, decision making processes through use of language that will be inclusive and encourage participation from all members .

Practical Approaches to Inclusion

Ewyas Harold and District U3A will make sure that all members are aware of our Equality and Diversity Policy and of our Code of Conduct.

Ewyas Harold and District U3A will take reasonable measures and practical approaches to ensure that all members of the community enjoy and take part in our activities, meetings and interest groups. This may include:

• Consideration of the time of day of meetings

• Consideration of venues for meetings including:
➢ Accessible to wheelchair users
➢ Access to PA System
➢ Arrangement of room to cater for members with auditory/visual impairment
➢ Access to facilities

• Publicity
➢ Easy to read
➢ Available to people without access to the internet
➢ Images reflecting the local community

• Tasks and Roles
➢ Encourage all members to share and participate in all aspects of Ewyas Harold and District U3A
➢ Make sure a range of people get their voices heard

Ewyas Harold and District U3A Code of Conduct

Sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise offensive and inflammatory language and behaviour are not acceptable. These constitute harassment and have no place in Ewyas Harold and District U3A.
If any member of Ewyas Harold and District U3A feels they have been discriminated against or harassed by any other member or at any event of Ewyas Harold and District U3A they should raise this with the relevant group coordinator or if the issue is not resolved at group level directly with the committee. Issues arising in other contexts e.g. a general meeting should be raised directly with the committee.

The committee will investigate the complaint, listening to all members involved.

For further information see the Complaints Policy and Process. (See note)

Reviewing the Policy

This policy was adopted at a meeting of Ewyas Harold and District U3A Committee on 10th April 2019 and will be reviewed every 3 years.

Date: 10.04.19

Review Date: April 2022

Note (Complaints Policy and Process under review as of July 2019)