Ewyas Harold & District

Meeting Minutes

Ewyas Harold and District U3A
Minutes of the Committee Meeting, 14 July 2021
Present: Witek Mintowt Czyz (chair), Brian Wall, Glenn Jarvis, Linda Mintowt Czyz, Sarah Roberts, Helen Waites, Diana Palmer
Apologies: Jackie Barns Graham
Minutes of the last meeting: This was a zoom meeting and the minutes were sent out
by email. Those present agreed they were a true record.

Matters arising: The future of this branch of the U3A
Agenda: There is only one item on the agenda, the need to recruit new committee members if the branch is to survive.
Lynne Potter has resigned because of family commitments. The committee noted she had been a hard working publicity secretary.
WMC told the meeting he needed to step down from the committee for at least a year because of work commitments.
HW would like to hand the editorship of the newsletter over to someone else and does not wish to continue as vice chair because she is often abroad.
GJ offered to act as an interim chair but under the constitution it is not possible to be both chair and treasurer.
The general feeling of the meeting was that it would be nice for the branch to survive but that this would only be possible if other members are willing to take on responsibilities. It was recognised that, after a gap of 18 months, it is essential to find out the feelings of the wider membership.
It was noted that the active groups could carry on independently if the branch closed.
It was noted that more use could be made of the website. This is something a revitalised committee would need to consider.
It was noted that the majority of the committee members had been on the committee from the beginning. The committee, therefore, needed revitalising.
It is essential for a number of key roles on the committee to be filled by new committee members. We need a new chair, a new business secretary (SR according to the constitution has completed her term of office), new vice chair and publicity secretary.
JBG has said she is willing to stay on the committee but does not want to be an officer.
Agreed that the AGM should be held on 11 August 2021 (the date that has already been set for a bring and share meeting).

The situation will be discussed in an open forum at the AGM. If insufficient new committee members come forward and/or if it proves impossible to fill the vacant officers roles. There will be no option but to present a resolution to wind up the EH&D U3A at an extraordinary general meeting of the members on a date to be determined at the AGM

Following the AGM there will be an EGM to hear the views of the membership on the future of the branch and to accept nominations for new committee members.
WMC will send out a letter to all members stating the current position and to call for new committee members making it clear that the branch cannot continue to operate unless new committee members come forward.
SR will book the Hall (Ann Bradley has said the main hall will be available so members can socially distance). Refreshments will not be provided
GJ will put up posters to advertise the meeting BW will put information on the website
GJ will check the rules regarding chair and treasurer and will check the constitution to see what should happen to the branch funds if the branch folds. He will not pay the dues to the national U3A until the future of the group has been decided.
Any other business: None
Date of the next meeting: To be confirmed as soon as possible after the AGM on 11.8.21

Meeting held on ZOOM 15 June 2020 at 10.30

1. In attendance
​Lynne Potter
​Sarah Roberts
​Diana Palmer
​Helen Waites
​Jackie Barnes-Graham
​Brian Wall
​Linda Mintowt-Czyz
​Witek Mintowt-Czyz - chairman

2. Apologies
​Glen Jarvis

3. Membership
1. Note was taken of the option (specified in Third Age Matters) for members to subscribe to Trust membership of the U3A
2. It was decided to offer all unpaid members the option of special membership for the current year at the cost of Trust membership, £7.50. This would cover the administrative costs of membership (capitation fee and TAM subscription, maximise benefit to members and have the best chance of preserving the current membership
3. Currently fully paid up members would be offered the difference between their paid up fee of £18 and the special membership rate as a credit on their next year’s payment (£10.50)
4. Given the healthy state of finances of EH&D U3A, any costs arising from activities that might be undertaken in the remainder of the membership year could be financed from reserves.
5. Concern was expressed about the attendance of non-members (i.e. members who had not paid their dues), at group meetings in violation of standing orders and with the effect of invalidating insurance. Membership Secretary (LAMC) to circulate the current, paid up membership list to Groups Secretary (DP). Group leaders to be advised of the requirement to ensure that attendees at meetings were current paid up members.
6. Chairman to liaise with Treasurer to ensure appropriate payment facilities are put in hand.
7. Membership secretary to write to, or email, un-paid, lapsed members inviting their membership at the special membership rate.

4. Newsletter
1. Following extensive discussion, it was determined that the newsletter should
1. Point the attention of members to the contents of Third Age Matters in respect of membership issues.
2. Inform members of the committee’s decision with regard to the current year’s membership fees (see above) and invite currently unpaid members to join at the special membership rate as well as to assure currently fully paid members that they would not be disadvantaged (credit on next year’s membership
3. Contain information and relevant links (U3A and third party websites) relating to the requirements for risk assessments to be undertaken by group leaders and the responsibility of individuals to undertake their own personal assessments.
4. Include a reminder to the effect that paid up membership was a requirement for participation in U3A activities and that group leaders and meeting hosts had ongoing responsibility for compliance.
5. Offer support in undertaking risk assessment. The chairman thanked Jackie B-G for undertaking to be the named contact.

2. A draft of the newsletter would be circulated for comment before circulation.

5. Any Other Business
1. The potential for holding the August summer meeting as an outdoor picnic event was discussed. There was considerable enthusiasm expressed in support provided (a) that social distancing rule could be accommodated and (b0 that the weather was clement. The matter would be kept under review.
2. Speaker Secretary (BW) to postpone all booked speakers till the end of the year

6. Next meeting: anticipated but not scheduled. There was support for a garden meeting should social distancing rules permit.

7. Meeting terminated at 11.28

Ewyas Harold U3A Minutes of the Committee Meeting on 8th July, 2019

Vivien Coombe (chair), Helen Waites, Sarah Roberts, Brian Wall, Jackie Barns-Graham, Glenn Jarvis, Yvonne Hare, Diana Palmer
1. Apologies
Lynne Potter, Linda Mintowt-Czyz
Yvonne Hare and Glenn Jarvis were welcomed to the meeting
2. Minutes of the meeting on 14.1.19
Accepted and signed
3. Matters arising
• Missing copies of the minutes have been located and will be kept by SR
• Geographical survey of members’ addresses still outstanding!
• VC will prepare a checklist for the Chair of the general meetings. She will send it round to the other members of the Committee for
• U3A well represented at the Ewyas Harold Festival of Arts. Quite a lot of interest. No new members but did identify a couple of possible speakers. Worth doing again

Chair’s Report
• Tea rota continues to be an ongoing problem
Business Secretary’s Report
• Magazine list has been updated
Treasurer’s Report
• £1905.29 in credit
• Request for expenses
• All accounts have been reconciled
• Approximately 6 subscriptions outstanding
• Ex members will be invited to the Summer and Christmas social events
Groups’ Secretary Report
• Co-ordinators’ meeting will be organised in the autumn Action DP
Publicity Secretary’s Report
• Posters on local notice boards
• Information in the Hereford Times
• 3 or 4 newsletters will be taken to each meeting. GJ volunteered to take them in July and VC will do it from August Action GJ/VC
10.30 a.m. BW arrived
Webmaster’s Report
Grievance/ complaints Procedure
• JBG proposed and SR seconded the proposals to adopt the policy. All in favour. Passed.
• Policy to go on the website
• HW & LP thanked for drafting the policy
• N.B. After the meeting GJ suggested some amendments to the policy. HW & LP agreed to incorporate the amendments

New Outings’ Group
• YH presented her proposal for an outings’ group.
• Would need to receive payment in advance
• Transport could be provided by Dore Community Transport or the Ewyas Harold School minibus
• If using members’ cars, passengers would need to pay petrol money!
• Quarterly outings proposed avoiding the Probus days
• Non members could attend but at their own risk
• YH to talk to Jenny Bondt o see if she would like to be a co-organiser
• YH to announce the first outing at the next General Meeting and in the newsletter
• Committee to approve booking form

Summer Social Event
• Pimms will be provided. JBG to liaise with LMC
• BW will get drinks at reduced rate (later BW reported he would not be able to do this)

Recruitment of new committee members
• JBG, VC & SR retiring
• GJ was co-opted and agreed to take on the role of treasurer in March
• BW proposed and VC seconded proposal for GJ to be a cheque signatory. All in favour. Passed
• SR will write a job description for the role of business secretary.
The Committee will then aim to recruit in the autumn!
• The need to recruit new committee members will be raised at the groups’ co-ordinators’ meeting!
• Committee members asked to approach members they think might be interested in joining the Committee!
• BW agreed to stay on as speakers’ secretary on the understanding that 4 general meetings would not have an outside speaker thus
increasing the amount he can spend on the outside speakers
• The Committee will organise the non-speaker general meetings
• The Committee to canvas members about what they would like at a general meeting

Any other business
• Suggested speakers for general meetings: People and Planet, Midwifery - Annie Robertson, Wildlife Trust - Liz Overstall, Yvonne Chapman from Allensmore
• HW has a list of potential speakers
• A quiz was suggested
• BW to book 6 speakers for 2021
Date of next meeting 28th October, 2019, at JBG’s house

Ewyas Harold U3A Minutes of the Committee Meeting on 10th April, 2019

Ewyas Harold U3A Committee
Minutes of the meeting on 10th April, 2019
Vivien Coombe (chair), Helen Waites, Sarah Roberts, Brian Wall, Jackie Barns-Graham, Witek Mintowt-Czyz (to give Linda Mintowt- Czyz’s report), Diana Palmer
1. Apologies Lynne Potter, Linda Mintowt-Czyz

2. Minutes of the meeting on 14.1.19
Accepted and signed

3. Matters arising
• Minutes will go on the website
• Missing copies of the minutes have been located and SR will keep them in her files
• Members need to be reminded at the next General Meeting about ICE (contact details in case of an emergency)
• A report of the group co-ordinators’ meeting will be given at the General Meeting
• LMC will give the Committee feedback on the geographical survey of members’ addresses

4. Draft minutes of the AGM Accepted

5. Officers’reports
Chair: Information about our U3A now in Dorstone Front Room

Business: Annual return will be completed

Treasurer: Accounts presented. Excess of income over expenditure only £60 so will need to keep a watch on future expenditure. Acceptance proposed by BW & seconded by VC. All in favour. Will go on the website

Membership: LMC spoke to Head Office and was told all officers have to be members of this branch of U3A. Members of other U3A branches may attend group meetings but not general meetings. Members of other U3A branches may join our branch with £3.50 reduction in subscription charge because there is no need to pay capitation to Central Office twice. Guests at general meetings will be asked to put a donation (suggestion £3) in the tea-money pot and this information will be given at the start of every general meeting

Webmaster and speakers: Request to spend more money on speakers dropped because of the need to keep to the budget of £600 for the year (10 general meeting and a summer and Christmas gathering). All slots for 2019 full. The 2 remaining slots for 2020 will be filled by local speakers (People and Planet and the Ewyas Harold U3A Cycling Group). BW announced his plan to retire from the job of finding speakers once he has completed the programme for 2020.
He is happy to continue to be webmaster. Means of evaluating speakers at the general meetings was discussed. Evaluation forms were rejected because it would involve a lot of paperwork but it was agreed to have a conversation at the end of each meeting

Groups: A member is keen to start an outings group. HW will put a notice in the next newsletter and VC will announce it at the next general meeting. A group co-ordinators’ meeting will be convened soon

6. Draft policies
Equality and diversity: A draft was sent to the Committee prior to the meeting. The meeting was told a number of other U3A branches have an equality and diversity policy. After a robust and frank discussion adoption of the policy was put to the vote. Proposer JBG, seconder SR - 5 in favour and one abstention
Complaints/Grievance procedure: This document requires editing and will be brought to the next meeting

7. Recruitment of new committee members
BW had suggested committee members should receive free membership as an incentive but this would be unconstitutional so the idea was dropped. The subject will be brought up with the group co- ordinators. Committee members urged to approach likely people. It is particularly important to find someone to take on the role of treasurer (no mathematical ability required but IT skills would be useful). Need to check with Head Office about whether retiring officers can stay on the committee

8. Any other business
Ewyas Harold U3A will have a table at the Ewyas Harold Festival of the Arts. More leaflets will be required. Seeking volunteers. Please give names of possible volunteers to HW

9. Date of the next meeting
8th July, 2019, at 10.00 a.m. at Coed y Grafel, Walterstone Common

Wednesday 13th March 2019 2.00 pm
Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall

1. Apologies -Jackie and Peter Barns-Graham

2. Minutes of last meeting - It was proposed that the minutes of 14.03.18 should be approved; carried unanimously.

3. Chair’s Report- Vivien reported that membership continued to grow and there were now 70 members. All groups were flourishing and there was a very successful Christmas event where all groups contributed. Brian Wall was thanked for organising a good range of speakers. The book swap box had been dropped because of lack of interest.

4 .Approval of Accounts 2017-2018 – Brian Wall (on behalf of Jackie Barns-Graham, Treasurer) reported that the total income from subscriptions and teas was £1320. Costs for speakers for the year were around £500 but this would grow this year because of an increase in speakers’ expenses. Other expenses were the U3A national magazine subscription and hall hire. The current balance was £1800.45.
It was proposed that the accounts for the last financial year should be accepted. Proposer: Vivien Coombe, seconder: Ann Ponting; carried unanimously.

5. Election of Committee-All the existing members of the committee were willing to stand for re-election.
​Chair- Vivien Coombe
​Vice-Chair- Helen Waites
​Business Secretary -Sarah Roberts
​Treasurer- Jackie Barns-Graham
​Membership Secretary- Linda Mintowt-Czyz
​Webmaster and Speakers- Brian Wall
​Groups Secretary- Diana Palmer
​Publicity Secretary -Lynne Potter

It was proposed by Rupert Otten that the committee should be re-elected en bloc, seconded by Dorothy Cook; carried unanimously.
A request was made for new committee members and people who might be interested in volunteering were invited to attend a meeting to see if it appealed to them.

6. Any Other Business
Diana Palmer suggested an annual meeting of group co-ordinators and will contact group co-ordinators to arrange a date.

The meeting ended at 2.20.

Minutes approved at a meeting of the Committee 10th April 2019


Meeting held on 14th January, 2019

Present: Helen Waites (acting chair), Jackie Barns Graham, Linda Mintowt-Czyz, Lynne Potter, Brian Wall, Diana Palmer

Apologies: Sarah Roberts, Vivien Coombe

Minutes of the last meeting: Accepted and signed

Matters arising:

Minutes to go on the website - BW

Need to confirm the whereabouts of the minutes of committee meetings from 2017 - VC

Agreed wording of the consent form for permission to store member's data. Will be available for members to sign at the AGM when they pay their subscriptions and will also go out electronically - LW

Associations’ Fair went well and there was a lot of interest in the U3A table. Possible 2 new members came to the last General Meeting

Suggestion members should have ICE on their mobile phones will be put on the website and announced at meetings - HW

Officer's Reports:
Chair: None
Business secretary: None

Total balance £1,355.53, £1,241.51 in the bank and £145.02 in cash.

Needs to pay Hall rental of £48 and 2 speakers.

Please get any expenses to JBG as soon as possible.

Accounts will be on the website for the AGM.

VC & SR are now cheque signatories

Subscriptions will remain at £18 for those paying in March and April and £20 thereafter
Membership: Currently 70 members with a possibility of 2 more joining
Webmaster and speakers:
All speakers for 2019 booked and one confirmed for May 2020

Committee agreed it should keep a list of speakers with information on number attending, number of questions asked, a gauge of opinion of audience - BW to produce a form

Speakers need yet more help with the use of the microphone - BW


Someone has asked about Welsh pronunciation sessions. JBG will speak to Ann Ponting and let DP know the outcome so DP can report back to the enquirer

Agreed one or two groups should speak about the activities of their respective groups at each general meeting


Associations Fair was worthwhile

Continuing to update the Hereford Times, parish magazines and Herefordshire WISH

Will contact Peterchurch parish to see if it has a magazine - LP
Newsletter: None
AGM 13 March: Arrangements and officers

Will be a brief AGM followed by a speaker

Need for new committee members as 3 of the officers will have to stand down in 2020.
Agreed on a forceful message - no committee = no U3A

Minutes of the meeting held on 19th September, 2018

1. Present: Vivien Coombe (chair), Sarah Roberts, Linda Mintowt-Czyz, Helen Waites, Brian Wall, Jackie Barns-Graham, Diana Palmer
2. Apologies: Lynne Potter
3. Minutes of the last meeting: Accepted as a true record.
• It was noted that the whereabouts of the some previous minutes is unclear. VC to
check if they are in a folder handed on from Jane Rigler. SR, LM, & JBG will also check if they have copies.
• It was agreed that the minutes should remain on the website and not be deleted after 3 months as has been the case in the past.
4. Matters arising:
• All speakers at the general meetings will be shown how to use the sound system
• BW will check the accounts are on the website
• LM will produce forms asking members if we may hold their contact information and will give the forms to VC to hand out at meetings (to comply with Data Protection
• LM will include a question on the form about whether members are happy for their
photograph to be shown on the website and used in publicity material
• There is no stored information on the SW U3A Network and no current enthusiasm toget involved
5.Officers’ Reports
• VC updates the notice board.
• The Book Swap Box is getting heavier and it was agreed books which have been in the box for a while should be given to a charity shop.
• Jenny Bond is no longer able to do the tea rota. VC will take on the task in the interim and will continue to ask for a new volunteer to assume responsibility.
Business: No report
Treasurer: £1,559 and £1,424 in the bank accounts and £135 in petty cash
Membership: Numbers have been stable at around 70 for a while. A couple of new
members joined at the Summer Event
Webmaster: No report. BW will let SR know when there is a slot at the General Meeting for People and Planet to give a presentation
Groups: No report
Publicity: See item 7
• Committee members asked to be prompt when sending information to HW for inclusion in the newsletter.
• Agreed we will start to use recycled paper. JBG to order and distribute as required 6. Associations’ Fair:
• Will be at the Memorial Hall on 18th November, 2018, from 10.00 - 4.00
• Peter Barns-Graham making good progress
• There has been a lot of interest
• The Hall is not making a charge but will make money on the refreshments
• Committee asked to look at the website (address GoldenValleyGroups.uk) and notify PBG if any groups or organisations are missing
• This U3A will have a table and will be seeking volunteers to man it. VC to ask for
volunteers at the next 2 general meetings
7. Publicity leaflet:
• Need to have some more photographs
• Monthly meetings will be emphasised
• To state that groups are run by members for members
• Will not include a lot of contact details - just the website and the monthly meetings
• HW & JBG to adjust layout
• Decided to print in house and finance out of the budget
Agreed groups should be talked about at every General Meeting before the speaker
8. Any other business:
• Discussed what to do if there was a disaster and agreed the importance of carrying
details of the person to be contacted in the case of an emergency
• Members to be advised at General Meeting to keep a card in their wallet with this
• Suggestion we could have a professional to come to speak at a General Meeting about keeping safe
• Agreed members would be asked to bring a plate of food to share to the Christmas
gathering. BW will bring the sherry
Date of the next meeting: 10.00 a.m. on 14th January, 2019, at Abbey View, Riverdale (last house on the left)


Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall


28 members including the committee except Sara Roberts and Gill Lewis.

Chairman’s Report

Witek Mintowt-Czyz opened the meeting and welcomed all present. He said the group had had another successful year. Membership is stable at 60. Finances are good with funds of just under £1000 . The groups are working well and as each year goes by there is less work for the committee. The latest group to form was cycling. He congratulated all the members on making the U3A a success.

The two items on the agenda are

1. Approval of the accounts (which are on the website)

2 Election of the Committee

1. Approval of accounts proposed by Witek and seconded by Vivien Coombe.

2. Election of committee. All members of the committee are standing again except Witek and Gill Lewis who have served 3 years and have to stand down.

Witek thanked Gill Lewis for her contribution to the group as a founder member and wished her well in this a hard time for her.

The committee identified themselves as Helen Waites, Jackie Barns-Graham, Linda Mintowt-Czyz,
Brian Wall, Jackie Gates, Lynne Potter, Sarah Roberts( who was not present)

Witek proposed that all be re-elected , seconded by Brian Wall.

Witek asked if there were any other nominations to the committee and Jackie Gates proposed Vivien Coombe, seconded by Witek.

AOB Helen Waites proposed a new group “Singing for non singers”. A form was produced for interested members to give their details .

Helen Waites then proposed a vote of thanks to Witek.

The meeting ended at 2.20.

Minutes of committee meeting 11th September 2017


Vivien Coombe VC Chairman
Jackie Barns-Graham JBG Treasurer
Brian Wall BW Webmaster / Speaker Secretary
Lynne Potter LP Publicity Secretary
Sarah Roberts SR Business Secretary
Linda Mintow-Czyk LMC Membership Secretary


Jackie Gates JG Groups Secretary
Helen Waites HW Vice Chairman/ Newsletter
Diana Palmer DP Groups Secretary

Minutes of last meetings 05/06/2017 were approved

1 Matters arising:

It is planned to hold a Fresher’s week in the Golden Valley (Pontrilas to Dorstone) to showcase all the different groups that take place e.g. W.I., U3A, History Groups etc. This meeting will take place in 2018 and JBG has discussed the matter with Hall Committee who very keen to progress the idea. JBG will continue to liaise with the Hall Committee Action JBG
2 Chairman’s report: nothing to report

3 Business Secretary:Capitation payment and magazine subscription details have been sent to central U3A, and dues paid.
SR to check with central U3A our insurance cover with particular reference to Cycling Group Action SR

4 Treasurer: We now have £1,357.65 funds in the Bank.
JBG to chase bank regarding receipt of signatures Action JBG

5 Webmaster: Still averaging 1,000 page visits per month to the website. BW

6 Speakers: The request at the last U3A meeting for speakers from each group to prepare a 10 minute presentation for April 2018 met with no response, BW has now booked a speaker for that month

7 Groups Secretary: The new ‘Singing for non Singers’ is now established and 13 members attended in September.
A new group has been proposed (TaiChi for Well Being), LMC to forward details of hall hire costs to the member proposing the group Action HW/LMC

8 Newsletter Secretary: Next newsletter will be sent out soon, HW to produce. Action HW

9 Publicity Secretary: Our entry on the from council funded website Wellbeing Information and Signposting for Herefordshire www.wisherefordshire.org has been updated.
The leaflet advertising ourselves was discussed and updated, LP to make amendments and bring to next meeting. Action LP

10 Minutes Secretary – Volunteer is required, until someone is appointed to the role, BW will continue taking the minutes Action ALL/BW

11 Xmas Party on Wednesday December 13th. Same as per last year’s format. This event is ‘Bring and Share food’, drinks and food will be provided by the committee members and expensed by U3A out of our funds. All are reminded to invite friends and neighbours Action ALL

12 Any Other Business
New members can join for £10 to cover the period September to March 2018. A new member can attend two meetings for free on a trial basis but they then must join U3A Action VC
Non members are only covered by U3A insurance for two visits, VC to announce at next meeting and encourage those non members to join Action VC
An attendance register is to be produced for members (and non members) to sign in at each meeting. Action BW
13 Next meeting: Wednesday November 29th 2017 at 10.00, JBG’s house


End of Minutes

Minutes of committee meeting 24 April 2017


Vivien Coombe VC Chairman
Helen Waites HW Vice Chairman/ Newsletter
Jackie Barns-Graham JBG Treasurer
Jackie Gates JG Groups Secretary
Brian Wall BW Webmaster / Speaker Secretary
Linda Mintow-Czyk LMC Membership Secretary


Sarah Roberts SR Business Secretary
Lynne Potter LP Publicity Secretary

Minutes of last meetings 13/02/2017 and 08/03/2017 were approved

Matters arising:

At the March meeting a new chairman was appointed and the committee welcomed Vivien Coombe as the new Chairman. Sarah Roberts has taken over as the Business Secretary

It is planned to hold a Fresher’s week in the Golden Valley (Pontrilas to Dorstone) to showcase all the different groups that take place e.g. W.I., U3A, History Groups etc. This meeting will take place in 2018 and JBG will discuss the matter with Hall Committee Action JBG

Chairman’s report: nothing to report

Treasurer’s report is at the end of these minutes

Business Secretary:JBG to set up a meeting with the outgoing Business Secretary (Gill Lewis) and SR to discuss capitation payment to central U3A Action JBG

Membership Secretary: We now have 66 members (up from 57)

Webmaster: Still averaging 1,000 page visits per month to the website. HW and BW to review and update website content, to remove redundant and outdated information Action HW/BW

Speakers: Now booking for 2018, Christine Hope to be invited to speak on setting up Hopes of Longtown and her Nuffield scholarship on Rural entrepreneurship Action BW

Groups Secretary: The new Singing for non Singers will hold it’s first meeting on June 7th, 2-2.30 in the Memorial Hall, 14 members have expressed an interest and the ongoing format of the group will be discussed. Action HW

Newsletter Secretary: Next newsletter will be sent out at the beginning of May HW/LMC

Publicity Secretary: It was agreed at the last meeting that more information would be published concerning the content of the monthly speaker’s presentation and this is now happening LP/BW

Minutes Secretary – Volunteer is required, until someone is appointed to the role, the committee will rotate the taking of minutes Action ALL

Any Other Business
The Food Group has vacancies if you would like to join contact SR.
VC to arrange a handover and familiarisation session with former Chairman Action VC

Diana Palmer has volunteered to join the committee and she will be co-opted on to the committee

BW tasked with asking if any men would like to join the committee Action BW

Next meeting: Monday June 5th 2017 at 10.00, Helen’s house Action ALL

Treasurer's Report can be viewed here Treasurers Report
The Committee approved the Accounts

End of Minutes

Minutes of AGM meeting 8th March 2017


Helen Waites H.W. Vice Chairman/ Newsletter
Lynne Potter L.P. Publicity Secretary
Brian Wall B.W. Webmaster /Speaker Secretary
Jackie Barnes-Graham J.B.G. Treasurer
Jane Rigler J.R. Minutes Secretary
Jackie Gates J.G. Groups Secretary
Linda Mintowt-Czyz L.M.C. Membership Secretary
Vivien Coombe


Sarah Roberts S.R. Shadow Business Secretary

Confirmation of officers

All the existing officers agreed to continue in their posts and it was confirmed that Sarah Roberts would take over from Gill Lewis as Business Secretary.
It was agreed that in the absence of a volunteer to take over from Jane Rigler as Minutes Secretary, members of the committee would take on this role on a rotating basis.

Election of New Chair

It was proposed that Vivien Coombe should take on the role of U3A Chair and she was elected unanimously.

Date of Next Meeting

TUESDAY APRIL 25th 10.00 am at Jackie Gates’ house

Minutes of committee meeting 13th February 2017


Witek Mintowt-Czyz W.M.C. Chairman
Helen Waites H.W. Vice Chair/ Newsletter
Lynne Potter L.P. Publicity Secretary
Brian Wall B.W. Webmaster/Speaker Secretary
Sarah Roberts S.R. Shadow Business Secretary
Jackie Barnes-Graham J.B.G. Treasurer
Jane Rigler J.R. Minutes Secretary
Jackie Gates J.G. Groups Secretary
Linda Mintowt-Czyz L.M.C. Membership Secretary


Gill Lewis G.L. Business Secretary

Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting on 14th November were agreed as being correct.

Matters Arising

W.M.C. and L.P. have met to discuss the membership leaflet , a digital version was circulated at the meeting. To be circulated to members by email (W.M.C. , L.P.) for proof reading, corrections to W.M.C. and L.P.

It is planned to hold a Fresher’s week in the Golden Valley to showcase all the groups that take place. Possible date September 2018 for a half day. Strong support for this .

Officers Reports

Chairman nothing to report
Business Secretary absent

Treasurer funds £936.37

Fees discussed and to remain at £20, with a discount (£18) if paid by the end of April.

Membership Secretary we have 57 members. New membership forms are needed. Small “cards” may be developed for the fresher’s day. Credit card sized with web site details etc. on. L.P. to look in to it.

Webmasters Report Average 1000 visits a month. Speakers for next year are on the site. All were reminded to bring buttons to next meeting. L.P. requested more information from B.W. about speakers, to put in publicity.

Groups Secretary A request has been received to from a music appreciation group, the main interest being rhythm and blues. B.W. to follow up.

Another suggestion for a new group “singing for non singers”. After discussion it was agreed that it would require a musical leader possibly a musician. Several names were mentioned and members will pursue this.

Newsletter Secretary An email will go out next week.


Will cover the election of the committee and approval of accounts. The election of a chairman will take place at the first committee meeting. Notice of the A.G.M. has gone out in the newsletter and posters have been put up. . An email with the agenda will go out.

Next Meeting Will take place immediately after the A.G.M. in the hall.

Any Other Business

W.M.C. thanked the committee for their support and they in turn thanked him for getting the U3A up and running.