Ewyas Harold & District


We meet once a month, at 2pm, on the second Wednesday of the month at Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall Pontrilas Road, Ewyas Harold, HR2 0EL.

Dates for your Diary
Wed Mar 13th

Monthly Meeting including Annual General Meeting

Philip Caine (Author of the Jack Castle series of novels) presents
BARROW TO BAGHDAD & BACK (My career story )
My talks starts with me leaving school and ends with the writing of my first novel.
• I talk about my time as a chef and manager in the hotel industry (10 yrs ).
• Then talk about my time working in the oil business on rigs in the North Sea (17 yrs ).
• Then about my time in Algeria – in the oil business (1 yr )
• Then about my time in Nigeria – in the oil business (1 yr )
• Then about Kazakhstan and Russia (7 yrs )
• Then about my time in Baghdad working for the American Military (7yrs)
• Then about my time running companies in Dubai and Iraq (4 yrs)
I talk about things that happened to me in the various places I have worked, with plenty of interest and humour.
Finally I talk about my factitious adventure / thriller novels (currently 5) all inspired by my ten years in the Middle East.
See Philips website - link on the right

Wed Apr 10th

Monthly Meeting

Hopes of Longtown - The story continues - Following on from last year’s presentation Christine will update us on her fascinating life and progress.

Wed May 8th

Monthly Meeting

Presentation by Don Balkwill - Forgotten Gadgets
Don gives a unique presentation that has evolved from regular articles called “Grandma’s Gadgets” which have appeared in the local Abergavenny newspaper for the last 5 years.

Wed Jun 12th

Monthly Meeting

Dean Powell - The Incredible Life of Dr William Price
Dean enjoys a first-class reputation as a guest speaker in a wide variety of events ranging from after-dinner appearances and public lectures.

Chartist, surgeon, heretic, Archdruid and pioneer in the legalisation of cremation in the British Isles, Dr William Price was undoubtedly one of the most flamboyant, romantic and eccentric characters in Welsh history. Famed healer, crusader of reform, exiled political activist and a sparkling, dynamic, eloquent man who blazed progress and controversy by outraging a conventional society, there was much more to Price than his radical attitudes to cremation. Poverty-stricken in his youth, his father was an insane priest, although Price remarkably became a surgeon by the age of just twenty-one. He created an embryonic national health service, masterminded the first Museum of Welsh Life, launched Wales's first cooperative society, had visions of a new massed druidic rising and was exiled to France as a Chartist leader. Calling his first son Iesu Grist (Jesus Christ) Price, claiming he was a druidic Messiah, he cremated the child after its death aged just five months. The landmark court case led to the passing of the Cremation Act in 1902. He fathered illegitimate children with a housekeeper sixty years his junior and died sipping a glass of champagne at the age of ninety-two.

Wed Jul 10th

Monthly Meeting

Tax, Care and Toyboys presented by Oliver Hill
Protecting your family's nest egg-
Inheritance tax -
Stopping sideways disinheritance -
Lasting Powers of Attorney -

Our speaker will introduce the above issues, and explain what steps can be taken to plan for the future.

Wed Aug 14th

Summer Party - Bring and Share

Wed Sep 11th

Monthly Meeting

Presentation by Dexi Garman -

Wed Nov 13th

Monthly Meeting

Roger Curtis will continue with his talk on the Kennedy Assassination of Friday Nov 22 1963.

Wed Dec 11th

Monthly Meeting XMAS Party

Wed Mar 11th 2020

Monthly Meeting and AGM

Remember the Swinging Sixties
A light hearted and fun look at people, things and events of the 1960s. Remember the 60s Of course you do!

Presented by Mike Watkins and Wilma Hayes of inthestickstalks.co.uk

Wed May 13th 2020

Monthly Meeting

Followed by the return of Fool’s Gold presenting “Bang up to the Elephant”, their new show, the theme this time is our eminent ancestors The Victorians! You can imagine the fun deciding on themes, characters and events. Plus there is a vast treasure trove of very well known songs from the Golden Age of Music Hall.

Wed Aug 12th 2020 Summer Party - Bring and Share

Open to all friends and guests/visitors
Wed Dec 9th 2020 Xmas Party - Bring and Share