Ewyas Harold & District


We meet once a month, at 2pm, on the second Wednesday of the month at Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall Pontrilas Road, Ewyas Harold, HR2 0EL.

Dates for your Diary
Wed Dec 11th

Monthly Meeting XMAS Party

Bring and share some party food - the committee will provide the drinks

Wed Jan 8th 2020

Monthly Meeting

Followed by
The Moon from Myth to Landings and beyond Presented by Peter Williamson a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and BBC Radio Astronomy Presenter

Wed Feb 12th 2020

Monthly Meeting

Followed by
Banned by the BBC - We can't let you broadcast that!
From the 1930's through to the turn of the century Auntie Beeb has felt it her duty to protect us from all manner of sins by banning not just songs, but instrumentals too! This is a lighthearted look at some of the decisions made to protect us from unspeakable harm.

Presented by David Clark

Wed Mar 11th 2020

Monthly Meeting and AGM

Remember the Swinging Sixties
A light hearted and fun look at people, things and events of the 1960s. Remember the 60s Of course you do!

Presented by Mike Watkins and Wilma Hayes of inthestickstalks.co.uk

Wed Apr 8th 2020

Monthly Meeting

Presentation by Dave Moylan aka Nathaniel Bagshot "funny Turns"

Dave Moylan performs comedy magic with the emphasis very much on the comedy. Dave has been a professional entertainer for much of his long life, performing all over the UK: Cabaret, After-dinner shows, Outdoor themed events, Weddings, Parties and the like, at some of the most (and least!) presdigious venues in the country. For more than 20 years Dave has been resident magician at Warwick Castle (performing under the name of Nathaniel Bagshot) where he has performed for hundreds of thousands of corporate guests, and his hilarious stage show is the highlight.

Wed May 13th 2020

Monthly Meeting

Followed by the return of Fool’s Gold presenting “Bang up to the Elephant”, their new show, the theme this time is our eminent ancestors The Victorians! You can imagine the fun deciding on themes, characters and events. Plus there is a vast treasure trove of very well known songs from the Golden Age of Music Hall.

Wed Jun 10th 2020

Monthly Meeting

Followed by
Ever wondered why you feel attracted to some people and avoid others?
Most of us form an opinion about someone in just 90 seconds and rarely change our mind. But it is not based on the way people speak, or even what they say.
Discover how Body Language speaks louder than words when we communicate with each other, presented by Alan Jones

Wed Jul 8th 2020

{Monthly Meeting} followed by

Presentation by our member Glenn Jarvis with 'Around the World in 280 days'. A tale of our round the world trip with stories and adventures and few supporting photos

Wed Aug 12th 2020 Summer Party - Bring and Share

Open to all friends and guests/visitors
Wed Sep 9th 2020

{Monthly Meeting} followed by

Presentation by Christine Hope of Hopes of Longtown as she continues her life story.

Wed Oct 14th 2020

{Monthly Meeting} followed by a presentation

Paul Isherwood ‘Gamblers get the spots, families get the symptoms'.
Gamblers Anonymous member Paul Isherwood will take us on a journey from crisis to crisis as he speaks about the development of addiction, the desperate cycle of money-borrowing and the destruction of relationships.

Wed Nov 11th 2020

Monthly Meeting

Followed by
Misadventures in Movie Locations ( Europe and Asia Edition) Presented by Karl Bird
Trekking solo in the footsteps of his childhood heroes on the big screen through almost 40 countries, Karl introduces a fascinating presentation of sidesplitting tales and compelling stories based on his real life epic adventures. Featuring inside movie secrets from such classics as Bridge on the River Kwai, Batman, James Bond, The Exotic Marigold Hotel, Avengers and many more. Combined with a look behind the Iron curtain, Encounters with US Presidents, Tigers and even the Dalai Lama, this will be an unforgettable event for all and especially for those who share a love of the Movies and Travel.

Wed Dec 9th 2020 Xmas Party - Bring and Share
Wed Feb 10th 2021

Show and Tell

You are invited to bring an old photo, letter, family memento, or a treasured personal item or even an ancient artifact to “show and tell” the stories behind the items.
It might be a photo, a book or an object with a personal meaning.
You might want to share a treasured memory with us and 'tell' your story.
We have an hour to fill so you will only need to talk for 5 or 10 minutes.