Evesham & District

5 Jump to somewhere else

You jump to another place with a link. That place might be

  • another page on our own web
  • a completely different website

I am going to jump to the "4 Pictures on your page" sub page by creating a link.

This "inline" link 4 Pictures on your page takes you there.

How to do this.

Menu --> Edit text

click "Jumping to somewhere else" button

Links --> Add link

Click on the button "a page on this website"

on Drop down list find you way down to "Sub-pages" then on to "Topics for Training Sessions"
Type or paste Topics for Training Sessions in the Link text: box. It must be EXACTLY the same as the link beween the two vertical lines above or else it just won't work,

Don't bother to type anything in the Details box.

Leave Expiry date as 0/0/0 (this means forever)

Inline only? Yes button

Save data.

Having created this link it can be used from any page or subpage on the entire website!