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Contacting facility

Sign in to Sitebuilder as a Page Editor If you are a Site Editor or Administrator is is much easier to edit as a Page Editor.

If you are editing a sub-page make sure you on the right one --> Contact Page Drop-down list. If you leave the page and return you have to do this again.

Under Contacts Click "Add Email"

  • Enter Mail Address: (that is the email address of the designated person)
  • Label - This is the Text which you click on for an Inline Email Message. I will choose "Group Administrator"
  • Inline only: No puts up a "Pigeon" for you to click on, Yes does not.
  • Inline Link Destination: Online form is the message form, "mailto" call opens the email program on your computer. Best to go for the default of online form

press "Save these contact details."

Back to Edit Text. Check that you are the correct page or sub-page

The code is "%" signs before and after the "Label" which I have defined as "Group Administrator".

Send a message to our %Group Administrator%

It is in Blue and clicking it sends you to the contacting form.

If you make the smallest mistake and say put in two spaces between the words you see the "%" signs and the link doesn't work: Send a message to our %Group Administrator%

However it does allow small letters instead of capitals:

Send a message to our %group administrator%

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End of page.