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4 Pictures on your page

Adding pictures to a page

This is a two stage process.

  • First you upload your picture
  • Second you place it on your page.

In the Sitebuilder Page Editing screen:

Uploads --> Upload picture -->Choose file ... Find the picture on your computer. (It won't let you choose a picture larger than 1.5 megabytes)

Press Open --> Upload this file

Fill in form details

On Page: The drop down list shows your main page and any sub pages - make sure you specify the correct one!

Inline only: "Yes" make the picture available for including within the page text or table ONLY. "No" puts the picture in the right hand panel of your web page as well.

--> Save Data

Stage 1 completed. The Picture is now available in the Sitebuilder system

Stage 2 is putting this picture on a page

Edit Text (in the normal way)

Scroll to the bottom of the main section click the box "Show picture reference for inline insertion"

Your picture and any others you have added previously are listed.

The code for a picture is of this form: [l23456,l] or [123456.r] - l for left displays on the left of the screen and r for right displays on the right of the screen.

You need to COPY and PASTE the code for a picture into your text. The instructions given work for a Windows computer. There may be a different procedure for an Apple Computer, tablet or smart phone.


Comment Many pictures put on a page without any thought can look very untidy. When viewed on a tablet or phone the page will look extremely messy. My advice is to specify "Yes" under "inline only?" and put the pictures into a table. See the text following:

Pictures in a table

Having uploaded your pictures as stage 1:

Create a table like this one which is 4 columns wide and 3 rows deep:


Paste the left code version for each pictures after each letter. Viewed the page. If OK go back and delete the letters.

Examples of pictures in a table

Lake Bled Ferry1 Rowing 1 Ferry Shore
Rowing 2 Rowing 3 Rowing 4 Rowing 5
Chocolate Magazines Abbey Park Sign