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Staying Safe on line

Staying safe on line

Alan Russell - Chairman of Worcester U3A – gave a summary of the U3A workshop on Cyber Security. Many of you may be familiar with the advice, but here are some key guidelines for keeping yourself safe online and in the digital world generally:

  • Avoid opening .exe and .bat.scr files
  • Always check that the site you are using is secure (https//: or with a padlock image)
  • Back up your files regularly and check that the back-up drive works.
  • Don’t react quickly to messages such as: You have a virus
  • Don’t respond to 0843 and 0844 numbers – they cost you a fortune
  • Sign up with the telephone preference service to cut down on unwanted calls tps.org.uk
  • Keep contactless cards in RFID wallets to avoid them being cloned
  • If you use Windows 10 check that Windows Defender and Windows update automatically
  • You can get advice about staying safe online by looking at the website cifas.org.uk
  • Consider using a password manager to help you create and remember strong passwords
  • Delete your cookies at least monthly (apart from important ones such as those linked to your bank - if you bank online)
  • You should not defragment an SSD drive

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