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At the recent U3A Cotswold Link meeting, the guest speaker from National Office was Fran Walton. She spoke first about the rapid growth in the organisation nationally since 2009. Membership has almost doubled, the number of U3As has increased by about 50% whilst the staffing levels in National Office have increased only minimally. National Office has been restructured. There are now three main departments – Advice and Volunteering, Education and Resources, Accounts. Fran is responsible for Education and Resources, which covers more or less everything which is not finance, advice or volunteering! Working with her are additional officers – Liz Drury (Communications including the Newsletter), Adam Walton (Beacon) and Julie Travers (Summer Schools).

Fran spoke at length about developments in the resources available to U3As and new systems for accessing them. A new Online Catalogue will soon be available. Resources can be accessed as in the past (i.e. by post) but some DVDs may soon be digitized for mass usage, and there may well be some blanket licensing. The team is also working on developing e-learning modules.

There are now 80 listed subject advisors. These are listed under Resources on the U3A website.

There is a choice of available workshops on the Events page.

There is also a four minute Youtube Video: U3A: Learn, Laugh, Live! which is excellent publicity for the U3A. Members are urged to look at it.

The Third Age Trust’s development plan has three main areas: raising the profile, growth management and learning support, all of which come under the steering committee. In addition to this, Beacon is being upgraded, and a new Advice area will soon be available on the website.

Owing to the unhappiness about the word ‘university’ being used with the logo (it is thought that it puts off some people), a new strapline and logos are being developed.

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