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AGM Wednesday 2nd June 2021

This year's AGM was held on Zoom. Thank you to all the members who joined us on the day and to those who could not attend but submitted their votes to Deborah prior to the meeting. This ensured we had a quorum and the meeting could proceed. The newly adopted Constitution is available in the Documents area along with the Trustees Report.


We have two Facebook pages. There is our Public Facebook group which anyone can access and for members only the Evesham and District u3a Facebook group.


Our newsletters are published quarterly in March, June, September and December. Anyone can download them from the Newsletters page. There is also the members only issue which requires a password and includes additional contact information.
Latest newsletter Issue 77 September 2021 for members (Password required, see email sent 2nd September)

National Newsletters

In the Newsletter Express 1st October there is a survey giving you the opportunity to have your say in developing the strategy for developing the u3a for the future. There are also lots of ideas from the Third Age Trust to help u3a members and stories about u3a members getting out and about. Our Urban Sketchers Group feature in the cover photo of the August issue. You can register to receive these newsletters directly or visit the archive of National Newsletters here. 15.08.21
Newsletter Express 1st October
National Newsletter - September
National Newsletter - August
Newsletter Express 6th August

u3a Covid-19 Advice

Click here for the latest u3a Covid-19 Advice for interest groups and here for Resuming Group Activities. 17.04.21

Your Committee

Our Membership Secretary is John Boon; he can be contacted via the Pigeon link or on the Evesham u3a mobile: O78ll 243543. The Contact page will give you details of all other Committee Members and other important post-holders and enable you to contact them by email.

Telephone Numbers

The Committee has a policy of eliminating personal telephone numbers from the website. Telephone numbers are found in the members only issue of the digital newsletter, password required, or the printed version.

Website Team

We hold Web Page Editing Workshops. If you are responsible for your Group's Web Page and would like to attend a course in the future please contact the Website Team. Our Website Editors Group page has lots of useful information to help you edit your Group Web Page.

Website Login for Website Page Editors. Help from the Website Team
Beacon Login for designated Group Representatives.

The u3a ethos

The u3a is not a service-provider. It is a mutual aid organisation to which everyone is expected to contribute. Its success depends on the willingness of members to volunteer and help out in whatever way they can by:

  • starting new groups
  • giving talks
  • assisting in the running of a group
  • participating actively in the groups they join
  • becoming a committee member
  • doing other tasks to assist the smooth running of the Evesham u3a.


In order for you to benefit from u3a membership, certain information - e.g. your name and contact details - has to be made available to the organisation. Following the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, all members will, on the membership form, be asked to consent to the use, within our u3a, of their personal data held by us, and to share it with specified third parties as explained in our Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy. You should be asked if you wish to appear in any photographs used to publicise or report on our u3a; be aware that you have the right to refuse.

Membership Conditions

It is a condition of membership that you abide by the Constitution, codes and policies of Evesham & District u3a where applicable to you, as defined below:

Grievance and Disciplinary Matters

It is expected that all members will treat others with courtesy and respect at all times. Where there are concerns, problems or complaints to be resolved, there is a Grievance Procedure. For breaches of any membership condition or similar matter there is a Disciplinary Procedure, as referred to in our Constitution.