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This page, written mainly by the Chairman, is for general news. For news relating to our interest groups go to the Group News page.

Covid-19 Advice 21 September
Please find here the latest Covid-19 Advice 21 September provided by the U3A on running your group during the pandemic. These are aligned with the current government regulations.

House of Lords Select Committee Post Covid-19 Inquiry
The Third Age Trust and U3A movement has been given an opportunity to respond to a House of Lords Inquiry. The mailing with the details can be viewed in the Post Covid-19 Inquiry Please take the opportunity to have your say by completing the survey below by the 15th September. You will also find the Chairman's report very interesting:

Link to Survey Questions (now closed)

Beyond Lockdown Report

Some groups have continued to operate during the pandemic and, with the relaxation of some of the restrictions previously in force, others are now considering re-starting outdoors. For further information about what groups are doing, please visit their individual web pages. Members are advised that it is their responsibility to consider whether it is safe to participate by reading carefully the leader's risk assessment and by taking into account their own health and that of those they are close to. 26.07.20

Run Group online with Zoom
Zoom is free software that allows you to hold face to face meetings online with multiple participants. How to do this can be found here Run Group online with Zoom including the links for downloading the software.

Alternatively check out "Google Meet" It has less restrictions than Zoom, especially if you have a gmail account. 24/05/20

The Virtual U3A - vU3A
This might be a good time to try out the Virtual U3A. It's been there for a long time and could be the U3A's biggest secret, but might be a lifeline to many people: Virtual U3A
Go and watch the Intro Video ... it is very good - and with 50 groups you can join from History, through art, books and lots more - right down to a coffee shop where you can just go online for a chat - but you have to supply your own coffee. It could be well worth the £12 annual subscription. 17.3.20

Website Team
Our team has tidied up the website and it is now Smart Phone and Tablet friendly. We are currently running a series of Web Page Editing Workshops on various Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. If you are responsible for your Group's Web Page please contact us please visit our Website Editors Group for dates under "Dates for your Diary". Our Website Editors Group page has lots of useful information to help you edit your Interest Group Web Page. Roger Wyatt, Website Manager 25.01.20

Staying safe on line
This report on a U3A workshop on Cyber Security contains advice about how to protect yourself online.

U3A book offer
Bloomsbury Publishing are offering book-loving U3A members a 30% discount on most books on the site that includes fiction, non fiction, children’s and cookery plus a discount on all events at the Bloomsbury institute using the code U3A30 at checkout.
Bloomsbury also own the Writers’ and Artists’ brand and the 30% discount is also included on their editing services and one day events run from the Writers and Artists website, use code U3AWRITERS

Members' Discount
In case you are unaware ... the Garden Centre at Twyford, Home & Garden, the Valley gives members of Evesham U3A a 10% discount on full-price items. You need to show your membership card and ask politely.