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This page, written mainly by the Chairman, is for general news. For news relating to our interest groups go to the Group News page.

Wychavon email News 16th July
The Wychavon email News 16th July contains useful local information and advice about the Covid pandemic and ideas where to find help and ways to keep yourself physically and mentally well. This months issue highlights the changes to be implemented from the 19th July. You can subscribe to receive updates direct from Wychavon District Council using the link in this issue. 16.07.2021

Government Roadmap dates: I have sent out to Group Leaders some Questions & Answers from the National Office website regarding outside groups and sports groups in particular.
Outside groups are now able to restart if they follow social distancing/risk assessment guidelines.
Inside groups: the rule of 6 applies to indoor meetings. There will also be a Government review of social distancing guidelines. From June 21st all restrictions should be lifted.
The above however is subject to guidance from u3a National Office and will also depend on group venues arrangements.

A u3a Covid Risk Assessment template can be found on the Group News page for those planning to restart their groups.

Market Gardening Heritage - Hovels project
For the past two and a half years several u3a members have been involved in the Shared Learning Project Market Gardening Heritage Hovels project. Looking at the importance of market gardening in the Vale of Evesham and identifying and restoring 'hovels' used for this purpose. You can read about their progress here Market Gardening Heritage and look forward to more information in the June 2021 National Newsletter. 15.02.2021

u3a Online Events
National Office have information about lots of projects/challenges which they have launched for the Winter. These include the new u3a Radio podcast, photography, art, quizzes and lots more ideas. Please see National Programmes Also please see u3a Online Events for tutorials, talks, workshops on various different subjects inc. maths, yoga, crosswords, bowling etc.

Run Group online with Zoom
Some groups have continued to operate during the pandemic using Zoom. Zoom is free software that allows you to hold face to face meetings online with multiple participants. How to do this can be found here Run Group online with Zoom including the links for downloading the software. We have set up our own Zoom Account so if any groups want to make use of this please get in touch to make a Zoom Request and book a time slot. 20/02/21

The Virtual u3a - Vu3a
This might be a good time to try out the Virtual u3a. It's been there for a long time and could be the u3a's biggest secret, but might be a lifeline to many people: Virtual u3a
Go and watch the Intro Video ... it is very good - and with 50 groups you can join from History, through art, books and lots more - right down to a coffee shop where you can just go online for a chat - but you have to supply your own coffee. It could be well worth the £12 annual subscription. 17.3.20

Staying safe on line
This report on a u3a workshop on Cyber Security contains advice about how to protect yourself online.

u3a book offer
Bloomsbury Publishing are offering book-loving u3a members a 30% discount on most books on the site that includes fiction, non fiction, children’s and cookery plus a discount on all events at the Bloomsbury institute using the code U3A30 at checkout.
Bloomsbury also own the Writers’ and Artists’ brand and the 30% discount is also included on their editing services and one day events run from the Writers and Artists website, use code U3AWRITERS

Members' Discount
In case you are unaware ... the Garden Centre at Twyford, Home & Garden, the Valley gives members of Evesham u3a a 10% discount on full-price items. You need to show your membership card and ask politely.