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Resuming Indoor Activities from 19th July

From 19th July we moved into Level 4 of Lockdown Easing. Essentially all legal limits on social contact are removed, however it is expected and recommended that people continue to manage risk by maintaining good hygiene, wearing face masks in busy locations and socially distancing where possible. The u3a had updated their guidelines in item 3 of the u3a - England Activities Advice for resuming indoor activities. Some Key points are listed below and a u3a Covid Risk Assessment Template is available to help you complete 3.1 and restart indoor meetings:

  • 3.1 What is the procedure I am advised to follow to resume my interest group activities face to face?

Check with any venue, premises or location you intend to use for the measures they will require for safe use and inform your group participants of these. Conduct you own risk assessment check, considering the where the group meet, any local group factors of significance and the nature of the activity you intend to do. Hazard levels will vary as will the complexity of the assessment required. In most sit down/discussion groups the risk levels will be low therefore good ventilation, hand and hygine, wearing face masks when moving around, could suffice. Meanwhile groups playing contact sports or sharing equipment may wish to consider additional mitigation measures which for example would be provided by National Governing Bodies for sports activities.

To summarise the u3a procedure for resuming an activity or interest group is as follows:-

  • Inform your committee of your plans and preparations for resuming (this could be through your groups convenor but it is good practice to keep your committee informed at this time)
  • Where appropriate download and follow a relevant Risk Assessment from a National Governing Body for your sporting activity (see links below) or use an appropriate u3a risk assessment template for your activity.
  • Inform your members of what to expect and how to prepare for returning
  • Ask members to self assess for symptoms before attending. For some activities group leaders may decide to ask members to check in using the NHS App to scan their QR code or where required continue to keep a register of participants for 21 days after the activity for Track and Trace purposes.
  • 3.2 What do we do if a member is not having the vaccine for health or personal reasons?

At present, there is no mandate from the Government that people must have the vaccine therefore the Trust will not be issuing any requirements that members must have the vaccine or that they can’t take part in activities without having had their vaccines.

  • 3.3 Where can I get information about safety guidance from National Governing Bodies of sports organisations?

The link National Governing Bodies will take you to a list of some of these bodies in England

  • 3.4 When can u3a interest groups resume face to face meetings indoors?

There are no legal restrictions on the numbers who can meet indoors or outdoors although venues and premises where interest groups are run may want to continue to adopt certain safety measures such as mask wearing and social distancing, track and trace. It is important to remember that there is no obligation for Interest Group Leaders to resume groups in their own homes, they may have their own health and family concerns that might prevent them from resuming at this time and it is important not to place any pressure on people to resume activities they do not feel comfortable to undertake. If a group leader is not comfortable to resume activities in their home then an alternative venue should be sort.


Completing A Risk Assessment

To help Group Leaders to follow step 3.1 above and restart their group a u3a Covid Risk Assessment Template is available for general u3a activities. The Word file will open as 'read only'. First save it on your own computer so that you can open it and complete it. Some fields have suggested entries in them but you will need to monitor the most current government recommendations and change these as necessary. Where action is required be sure to enter the name of the person who will be doing this. You can use your completed u3a Covid Risk Assessment Template to share with your members and ask them to consider their personal checklist which is also on the form. Contact the Group Coordinator if you require help. (20/07/21)

Groups that meet outdoors, including day trip outings

Any groups that have started to meet outdoors or are considering starting to meet outdoors should also comply with the latest government rules (and, if appropriate, the relevant sporting body guidance). Gatherings outdoors are no longer restricted to 30. The same u3a Covid Risk Assessment Template can be used. Please submit these, once complete, to the Group Coordinator. (30/06/21)

You can still run Groups online with Zoom

We have set up a Zoom-Pro Account so if any groups want to make use of this please get in touch to make a Zoom Request and book a time slot. Zoom is free software that allows you to hold face to face meetings online with multiple participants. How to do this can be found here Run Group online with Zoom including the links for downloading the software. If you are looking for other ways of keeping yourself entertained and in touch visit our own page Covid Ideas. (30/06/21) 

Keep in touch on Facebook

We have a Public Facebook Page for anyone to visit, and for Evesham u3a members there is the private Evesham and District u3a Facebook group page. Let us know what you are up to, post your pictures, add something you find interesting or funny, comment on what you see, whatever. This is your Facebook group and is open to all current Evesham and District u3a Members. Send in a request to join - and if you are not sure how to do things on Facebook please ask for help. (30/06/21)

Website Team

In January 2020 we held a series of Web Page Editing Workshops and we hope to do so again in the future but, in the meantime, if you require help with editing your group’s web page please contact the Website Team. Our Website Editors Group page has lots of useful information to help you edit your Interest Group Web Page.
John Scotland, Website Manager (30/06/21)

Waiting Lists

The Committee want to know if members are waiting to join groups. Please can Group Leaders let us know if they are full or near to full. Please contact Alison Williams, the Group Coordinator.

Group News updates

Walks over 4 miles - Group 2, Walks Under 4 miles, Village Strolls with camera - have now resumed.

Knit/Crochet & Natter 3 members have enquired. Please get in touch if interested.

New Ideas for groups put forward recently

A local author is starting a Creative Writing group. Please get in touch if you are interested. Other Ideas and Suggestions put forward over the last year are Jewellery-making, Biography, Antiques, Model-building, Ballroom Dancing, Friendship Group, Walking Cricket, Nordic Walking, Military History.
Please contact the Group Coordinator if you are interested and if there is enough interest we will try to help you start up a new group. Other suggestions for new groups are always welcome. (30/06/21)