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News about interest groups The contact is Judy Smith, Group Coordinator.

For general news go to the Chairman's News page. For the list of Groups go to the Groups page.

Documents and the legal stuff
Membership and gift aid forms, policies and discipline in Documents

Website Team
Our team is working on the website to keep it up to date and to make it Smart Phone and Tablet friendly. You will see some changes - things may not be where they used to be! We are also here to help everyone keep their Web Pages up to date. We recognise that, apart from basic changes to the text, this Website is far from easy to edit. If you require assistance or advice visit the Website Editors group and contact the Website Team. Roger Wyatt 19.06.19

Group meetings calendar
Some groups are using the Beacon Website's Groups Meetings Calendar.

Waiting Lists
The Committee wants to know if members are waiting to join groups. Unless we are informed, we cannot help. We would therefore be grateful if individual members and Group Leaders would let us know when existing groups are full so that we can coordinate the formation of new ones. Please contact Judy Smith, the Group Co-ordinator, or any Committee member.

News updates

Yoga 3
This group, held on Tuesday afternoons at Wallace House has now started a waiting list. If you wish to be put on a waiting list please contact Judy Smith. - see the Yoga 3 page. 27.6.19

Sports Events
HELP NEEDED: Andy Mitchell is unable to continue as Group Leader so another volunteer is needed to keep the Sports Events group going from next month/AUGUST; alternatively, existing members could take it in turns to organise an event. Please contact Judy Smith if you can help. 20.07.19

Concert Group
The Concert Group is to be relaunched in the autumn. Anyone interested should contact David Daniels 01386 424640. 8.3.19

China Group
This new group WOULD WELCOME SOME MORE MEMBERS. It is held on the second Thursday of the month at 2:00 p.m. at Wallace House. See the China page. The group discusses a variety of topics including the history, culture and religion of China. 20.07.19

Listening to Classical Music 2
A second group started in February. A few more members would be welcome. More information can be obtained on the Listening to Music 2 web page. 8.2.19

New Groups: Ideas and Suggestions
Nature Walks, Ballroom Dancing, Jewellery-making, Biography, Antiques, Beginners Line Dancing, Model-building.

Board Games
Apart from Cluedo & Monopoly there is a huge range available including railway building, business and strategy games. 22.01.19

Rock Band 2
A bass player/guitarist is interested in getting a new band together. If playing or singing rock/pop music appeals to you, please get in touch. 22.01.19

Book Group 3
Would anyone be interested in joining a new Book Group? If so please contact Judy Smith. 25.4.19

Interested in any of the above?
If so, please contact Judy Smith, the Group Coordinator. Judy would also like to hear from you if you have other suggestions for new groups.

Cotswold Link
It is worth reminding everyone that our membership of the U3A Cotswold Link entitles you to attend ONE activity run by any other Cotswold Link member U3A without paying any further membership fee. Links to these U3As' websites and a guide to the groups each U3A runs can be found on the Cotswold U3A Link website on the Link Members web page. 30.11.18

Reciprocal Arrangement - Alcester U3A
We also have a reciprocal arrangement with Alcester U3A which operates in the same way as with the Cotswold Link. Members of both U3As may attend ONE activity run by the other U3A without paying any further membership fee. Alcester members need to complete a 'Visitor' registration form. The Alcester committee might ask you to do the same if you choose to join one of their groups. 22.05.19