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Group News

News about interest groups The contact is Judy Smith, Group Coordinator.

Website Team
Our team has tidied up the website and it is now Smart Phone and Tablet friendly. We are currently running a series of Web Page Editing Workshops on various Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. If you are responsible for your Group's Web Page please contact us if you are interested in attending.

Please visit our Website Editors Group page for help. We will reply to requests for help with Web Page queries within a day or two. Contact the Website Team Roger Wyatt 23.01.2020

Waiting Lists
The Committee wants to know if members are waiting to join groups. Please can Group Leaders let us know if they are full or near to full. Please contact Judy Smith, the Group Co-ordinator.

News updates

Would anyone be interested in a Knit & Natter group? (or Crochet & Natter !) A member has enquired.

A New Book Group, called Book Friends started on Fri.17th January 2020. See the Book Friends group page.

China is now named China: The Country They would like a few more regular members.

French Beginners - a new group is planning to start in January.

Yoga - there are approx. 9 members on a waiting list. Is anyone else interested in adding their names ? A few more are needed to make a new group viable. Yoga 4 could be soon... Contact Judy Smith.

Shakespeare 2 - There are not quite enough members who are able to join a new group at present. Another 3-4 are needed. Anyone interested please given their names to Judy Smith. 21.11.19

New Ideas for groups put forward at Open Day (in addition to those already mentioned on this page)

  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Beginner's Italian Conversation
  • Beginner's Spanish
  • Cookery/Baking
  • Knitting

Creative Writing
A local author is starting a group. Names to Judy Smith if interested. 17.11.19

Friendship group
Would anyone be interested in joining a new Friendship group? Please give your names to Judy Smith if interested. This would replace the Not Alone group which has now disbanded. 21.10.19

Sports Events
Due to unforeseen circumstances this group is no longer running. However if any former group members or anyone else is interested in starting a new group please contact Judy Smith. 17.10.17

Other Ideas and Suggestions put forward over the last year
Nature Walks,Jewellery-making, Biography, Antiques, Model-building.

Beginners Line Dancing
The Line Dancing group is now no longer part of the U3A organisation.
If anyone would be interested in a new Beginners group contact Judy Smith. 21.10.19

Boardgamers - New group
Board games are a great way of keeping the brain active. There are many types of board games of different genres, styles, themes and settings. We will be playing a range of board games where winning relies more on good strategy and planning than luck. Better known examples are Settlers, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride. The plan is to enjoy playing new games – No formality, no experience required – just to play, socialise and have fun. Please see new Boardgamers group page. 12.11.19

Rock Band 2
A bass player/guitarist is interested in getting a new band together. If playing or singing rock/pop music appeals to you, please get in touch.

Other suggestions for new groups are welcome.