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TOP TIP for NOVEMBER 2018 (page updated 26th October 2018)

Remember, when the clocks go back you might also need to change the clock settings in your camera(s)? It's quite important to know when, as well as where, we have taken that photograph. Don't know how to do it? Look at your user manual first if you know where you put it that is!

TOP TIP for NOVEMBER 2017 (page updated 11th November 2017)

With the dark nights now upon us you might like to go out and try some 'night time photography? Don’t be afraid to play with the shutter speed to create some interesting effects. You might also play around with the ISO settings if you feel confident. When taking a night time shot, use a tripod or rest your camera on a solid base. Try shooting with the shutter speed set at 4 seconds (but you can experiment with this). Take lots of images, you have plenty of capacity in that memory card remember. You will see that the movement of the object is captured along with some light trails. If you choose a faster shutter speed of say 1/250th of a second, the trails will not be as long or bright; instead you will freeze the action. You don't want this do you? This technique works well if you are using a tripod and if you are photographing a moving object.

Mike T

NOTE: The IMAGE LIBRARY has at last been given an 'edit' in my moment of weakness. Some of the images have been around for far too long. I hope you enjoy my new selection of your work? Over to you now, the members, to take lots of new photos so that the Library can be updated more often in the future.