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Bourton House Garden

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Group private visit to Bourton House Garden.

MH01 Steps to garden AC01 Topiary chickens BC02 Pot store border CB05 Succulents
CB06 Herbaceous side border MH02 Bourton House AC06 Towards House CB09 White Border urn
AC10 Stone urn CB07 Canna in Hot Border CB10 White Garden water feature CB08 Hot border
BC20 Hot border CB15 Bourton House from White Garden CB16 Pink border by lawn BC19 Raised walk
AC11 Border outside potager AC12 Raised walk border AC13 Basket Pond 1851 MH03 Shade house
AC16 Parterre MH04 The Potager CB13 Potager flowers MH05 Tithe barn meadow

Photo credits:
CB = Chas Bryer
AC = Alan Cook
BC = Brenda Cook
MH = Michael Hicks