Evesham & District


The winner was (drum roll): ROSEMARY THACKER with a score of 123 points. Well Done! Rosemary receives a £50 voucher and book kindly donated by Claire Austin Hardy Plants. It was very tight at the top with only 4 points between the top 11 places, but Rosemary was the only one to score 123.
As in Rule One – no correspondence entered in to with the answers! The County Organiser’s decision is final!
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Many thanks, Allison, County Organiser, Shropshire
No. Question AND Answer
1 Who wrote The Gravel Garden? Beth Chatto
2 Cryptic Plant: Don’t pass over without giving due attention Forget Me Not
3 What fruity hat did Prince wear? Raspberry Beret
4 In which county is the garden at Bodnant? Conwy (or Gwynedd)
5 Which common British native did Darwin observe as a heterostyly (pin & thrum) type? Primula veris or vulgaris (Primrose accepted)
6 Cryptic Plant: Cur aims to disrupt popular garden plant Anagram of cur aims: Muscari
7 Who gardened at Munstead Wood? Gertrude Jekyll
8 What is the common name of Pastinacea sativa? Parsnip
9 Cryptic Plant: Has she been in a fight? Black Eyed Susan
10 Who designed the garden at Shute House? Geoffrey Jellicoe
11 What did E H Wilson do? Plant collector/hunter
12 What is the name of one of the most poisonous British native, cottage plant perennials? Aconitum (accepted Aconite & Monkshood)
13 Who wrote the Constant Gardener? John Le Carre
14 Cryptic Plant: Rearranged drainage Anagram of drainage: gardenia
15 From which country do kniphofias, crocosmias, nerines, agapanthus & gladioli originate? South Africa
16 Cryptic Plant: Fairy Trill heard in the garden? Anagram of Fairy Trill: Fritillary
17 What is primocane? First year’s growth on raspberries/blackberries
18 Which flower built the foundations? Build me up, Buttercup (The Foundations)
19 Cryptic Plant: Sad ringer Bluebell
20 What is the name of a variegated, evergreen rock plant named after the King of Bulgaria? Arabis ferdinandii coburgii
21 Which native plant is used in modern medicine to treat heart disease? Foxglove or Digitalis
22 Cryptic Plant: Shifty oar gets spring shrub across garden pond Anagram of shifty oar: Forsythia
23 What is a feathered maiden? A one-year old tree with several side branches (feathers)
24 Cryptic Plant: Evergreen Wine Hollyhock – Holly Hock
25 From which country do Chrysanthemums originate? China
26 Who gardened at East Lambrook Manor? Margery Fish
27 Cryptic Plant: A commotion Aster – A Stir
28 Who is recognised as the “father” of the naturalistic gardening style? William Robinson
29 Cryptic Plant: Hot pain I have from a colourful shrub Anagram: hot pain I – Photinia
30 What is the name of the point at which a plant has been grafted onto rootstock? Bud Union – accepted Scion and Graft Union
31 Who painted “The Garden of Earthly Delights” Heironymus Bosch
32 Cryptic Plant: Bestial arrangement Anagram of bestial – Astilbe
33 In which county is Anglesey Abbey’s garden? Cambridgeshire
34 What was the first song ever played on Radio One? Flowers in the Rain (The Move)
35 Discovered by Darwin in S America in 1835, which evergreen shrub is named after him? Berberis darwinii
36 What colour were the roses that Bobby Darin sang about? Yellow
37 Cryptic Plant: Demure Lady? Primrose (Prim Rose)
38 Who wrote the Morville Hours? Katherine Swift
39 What is the national flower of Bangladesh? Water Lily (accepted Nymphea)
40 Cryptic Plant: Is Ray’s Gin ready in the garden? Anagram of Ray’s Gin – Syringa
41 What important Russian polymath has almost 300 plants named after him? Alexander von Humboldt
42 Cryptic Plant: Let hunger be rare within Gerbera (from ger of hunger onwards) ie within the sentence.
43 Cryptic Plant: Seats in the garden crave bums in this fine weather! Anagram of crave bums – Verbascum
44 Where was Sir Humphrey Repton born? Bury St Edmunds
45 Which insect did Adam sing with? Ants (Adam and The Ants)
46 Who gardened at Sissinghurst? Vita Sackville-West (+ Harold Nicholson but not necessary for point)
47 Cryptic Plant: Bird swearing Crocus (Crow Cuss)
48 What is the common name for Daucus carrota Wild carrot (accepted carrot and also Queen Anne’s Lace)
49 A David Austin named rose, Jude the Obscure, appears in a novel written by whom? Thomas Hardy
50 Cryptic Plant: Kitchen utensil before the ocean Pansy – Pan-Sea
51 What is “haulm”? Leaves and stems of potato plants (I accepted various descriptions)
52 For which plant did Joni Mitchell sing? For the roses
53 Cryptic Plant: Hard to leave the best Campion (Champion without the H from hard)
54 Which plant is named after Dr Leonard Fuchs? Fuchsia
55 Which flowers are also known as Candlemas Bells & February Fairmaids? Snowdrops
56 Cryptic Plant: One mean plant upset by gardener Anagram of One mean – anemone
57 Cryptic Plant: Apple tree runs up skyward Anagram of runs up – Prunus. Apologies! Typo on my part, should have said cherry not apple! I accepted any that had solved prunus.
58 What is a rose end? End of a seed potato with most eyes (I accepted interpretations)
59 Cryptic Plant: Break the legendary creature Snapdragon – Snap – Dragon
60 What did Lynn Anderson never promise? A rose garden
61 Which flower is also the goddess of the rainbow in Greek Mythology? Iris
62 Who designed the Blue Peter garden in 1974? Percy Thrower
63 Cryptic Plant: American state moves slowly Virginia Creeper
64 Which king created the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Nebuchadnezzar II (I accepted various spellings and without the II)
65 Cryptic Plant: Easterly ice ruins flowering shrub Anagram of Easterly Ice – Leycesteria
66 Who is the patron saint of gardeners, horticulture, florists, brides and brewers? St Dorothy
67 Which fruit comes in the varieties Oro Blanco, Ruby Red, Thompson & Pink? Grapefruit
68 Cryptic Plant: Separate from the crowd Wallflower
69 What were brought to Britain from Germany by Sir Charles Isham in 1847? Garden gnomes
70 Which charity was founded in Devon in 1972 by farmer Kenneth Watkins? The Woodland Trust
71 Cryptic Plant: Ice salad for a cool supper? Anagram of Ice salad – Sidalcea
72 Which flower is sometimes called the sword lily? Gladioli/Gladiolus
73 Cryptic plant: Cold? No, pretty hot really Chilli
74 Cryptic plant: Tattoos Weep Anagram of Tattoos Weep – Sweet Potato
75 Who composed “The Flight of the Bumble Bee” Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (accepted without first name & spellings!)
76 Camellias belong to which plant family? Theaceae – I accepted Heathers and Tea
77 Cryptic plant: Chill male a nuisance in the garden! Anagram of Chill male a – Alchemilla
78 Who designed the gardens at Buscot Park? Harold Peto
79 Which French fashion designer bought & restored Majorelle garden (Morocco) in the ‘80s? Yves St Laurent
80 “A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of ..? Weeds
81 Cryptic plant: New Corset Sweet Corn
82 Cyrptic plant: Autumn favourite mused in the border Anagram of mused – Sedum
83 Who did Apollo chase then she turned into a laurel? Daphne
84 Who wrote “half a proper gardener’s work is done upon his knees? Rudyard Kipling
85 Cryptic plant: Ribs, beer? What else for the barecue? Anagram of Ribs, beer – Berberis
86 Who designed the gardens at Versailles for Louis XIV? Andre le Notre
87 Cryptic plant: Hiker coat left at garden gate? Anagram of Hiker coat – Artichoke
88 What item of clothing did Peter Rabbit lose when Mr McGregor chased him in the garden Blue coat (accepted jacket, coat, shoes & waistcoat!)
89 Cryptic plant: Posters slur sub Anagram of whole thing – Brussel Sprout
90 In which European city is the medieval Islamic garden known as Generalife? Grenada (Spain)
91 Cryptic plant: Handy gear kept in shade in the garden Anagram: Handy Gear – Hydrangea
92 Cryptic plant: Plant perishes despite care Anagram of perishes – hesperis
93 Who did Charles Compton invite into the garden? Maud
94 Cryptic plant: Oh nerd? Don rod and site by the pond! Anagram of Oh nerd? Don rod – Rhododendron
95 Where is the Tradescant family tomb? Garden Museum (St Mary’s Lambeth & Museum of Garden History)
96 What is the name of the cured, brown headed grub that eats grass roots? Chafer grub
97 If you ate a plant with the botanical description “somnifera” what would you expect to do? Sleep (I accepted feel dozy/sleepy)
98 Cryptic plant: Hail ad for young garden help! Anagram of Hail ad – Dahlia
99 The Avenue of the Baobabs is a group of famous trees in which African country? Madagascar
100 Which popular annual garden plant was used in early experiments in genetics? Pea (I accepted Sweet Pea & Pisum sativum)
101 Cryptic plant: Thief robs us from garden Anagram of robs us – sorbus
102 Who wrote “The Chrysanthemums”? John Steinbeck
103 Which succulent plant provides the basis for tequila? Agave (didn’t need variety)
104 Cryptic plant: Chance to redo lane in the garden lockdown. Anagram of redo lane – Oleander
105 To which plant family does the fig belong? Mulberry/Moraceae
106 Who wrote “The name of the rose” Umberto Eco
107 Which song has been a hit for both David Bowie and Amii Strewart? Knock on Wood (sorry spelt Amii wrong)
108 What is the name of the Japanese art of flower arranging? Ikebana
109 Cryptic plant: Claim ale for garden soiree Anagram of Claim ale – Camellia
110 What is the opposite of estivation? Hibernation (accepted dormancy)
111 What is the national flower of Indonesia? Jasmine sambac (accepted Jasmine/Moon Orchid/Rafflesia
112 Ramshorn, wandering and marsh are all species of what? Snail/Water Snail
113 Cryptic plant: Flower is found within a period of time “Is” found in “Day” – Daisy
114 The name of which legendary plant means Isle of Apples? Avalon
115 Aspirin was originally obtained from the bark of which tree? Willow/Salix
116 Which tree has types called green, white, blue and black Ash
117 Cryptic plant: Marksman given a bog lover Marksman – Gunner + a – Gunnera
118 What is the national flower of Mexico? Dahlia/Dahlia pinnata
119 What is the middle colour of the rainbow? Green
120 Hyacinth Bucket is the lead character in which sitcom? Keeping up appearances
121 Which group recorded the best-selling album “The Joshua Tree” U2
122 Cryptic plant: Climate’s wrong for this climber Anagram: Climate’s – Clematis
123 What is the name of the cow in Jack and the Beanstalk Old Buttercup – accepted Milky White
124 What is the more common name for seasonal allergic rhinitis? Hay fever
125 Cryptic plant: He hauls then I dig in the sun! Anagram of hauls then I - Helianthus