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Reviews of Adrian James' talk: 3 West Country Gardens (1 July 2020)
"Adrian has been so very helpful and the Yeo garden is on my list for a visit."

"Adrian is so interesting and passionate about his subjects."

"As usual, Adrian's presentation was great and very informative. The gardens all look spectacular and worth a visit."

"Great presentation from Adrian today hope we can have him again his presentation and superb photography makes you want to jump in the car and go see."

"A splendid talk. It was interesting to view three very different gardens. A test of a good talk is that it whets the appetite to visit a garden and Adrian certainly achieved this. He is a confident and accomplished speaker which really helps with a Zoom presentation.

" that was a very good talk and lovely slides. My son lives in Taunton so next time they ask me where I would like to visit, I can tell them! That was a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon."

"Many thanks to Adrian James for the 3 west County Gardens visits a very varied selection of gardens and a entertaining commentary, well worth a visit when we are finally able to travel"

"Thank you for organising yesterday's zoom meeting with Adrian who, once again, led us through three beautiful gardens"

"plenty of excellent photos and an easy listen. Please invite him back again for another talk."

"Another excellent talk with beautiful photos of superb gardens."


1. "Our thanks to you and Chrissy for today's presentation.  It was entertaining and informative and we now have some more gardens to look forward to visiting."

2. "Chrissy’s qualifications and experience add to her authority as a speaker. She has clearly worked in significant roles with responsibility and the year at Wisley echoes through her presentation. I could hear papers being turned so she had notes. I think it would be better if she had a script. Giving a talk on Zoom isn’t the same as a lecture where one’s comments can be more free flowing. The introductory remarks were too rambling.... she could have scripted that whole introduction more tightly. I enjoyed the photos of the gardens. We have visited Villandry. I hadn’t known all of the gardens she showed so it was good to have them described and her design focus did come through at times with thoughtful assessments of how potagers have been interpreted."

3. "Thought the beginning resume went on too long. Quite interesting talk but afraid speaker wasn't easy to listen to. "

4. "I really enjoyed the talk on Potagers by Chrissy mixing flowers and vegetables and the many gardens to visit that have given me some  new ideas for my own garden. Many thanks for an enjoyable afternoon. "

5. "Will you please convey my thanks to Chrissy for her very interesting and informative illustrated talk this afternoon, I learned a lot and enjoyed listening to what she had to say about Potagers."

6. "Chrissy’s talk was quiet interesting the only thing that I think would have made it better would have been more pictures of each of the gardens, I didn’t feel you got a true insight into the depth of each garden. Hope this isn’t too negative."

7. "I thought it was very interesting and she did very well. It was nice to see the different styles of that type of garden."

8. "It was very interesting to learn some history about gardens as well as planning and growing"

9. "I really enjoyed Chrissy's talk on parteres my only comment would be that I would have liked more pictures.
Some gardens only had two slides which really didn't do them justice, it's always nice to see gardens at different times of the year to get the full picture. Really looking forward to next month and thanks for organising it."


I would like to thank Duncan for his beautifully illustrated and informative talk, I enjoyed it immensely and learned a lot particularly as I have never visited China.

The talk was excellent, as always with Duncan. And he came over really relaxed, and just well, like Duncan!

I just wanted to let you know how much Adrian & I enjoyed Duncan's talk this afternoon. You can absolutely chalk that one up as another success!! And yes please to another from him until we are able to come together face to face as a group again.

Thank you for inviting me to the U3A talk from Duncan. I enjoyed it very much. His photos were lovely and his plant knowledge is superb!
I can’t wait to go on the trip China next year!

It was quite an undertaking to achieve the excellent talk today given that Duncan was learning about Zoom. It takes a lot of practice for someone to do a Zoom presentation.

It was a splendid tour of Yunnan. The experience enhanced by occasional details of the people, culture and villages. The slide showing different altitudes and the plant types for these was illustrative. John has itchy feet to get back to high altitudes. The plants we saw were beautiful and the colours wonderful. Fabulous pictures.

Thank you for your invitation to join your zoom session with Duncan Coombes. It was an amazing journey to see plants in the wild. The photography was super and such an array of flowers. He is obviously a very dedicated plantsman.


Thank you so much for organising yesterday's virtual trip to Cornwall and a big 'Thank You' to Adrian for taking us there. What a treat it was to stroll around the gardens with Adrian giving us the history and explaining the flowers and plants - a thoroughly enjpyable afternoon and much appreciated. With all best wishes.

Thank you for organising the zoom talk. It was my first zoom meeting and it was amazing. It was as if I was there with everyone. Thanks to you and Adrian it went without any problems. Adrian gave an excellent talk which I enjoyed very much, and there was even time for questions at the end. I only joined the Evesham U3A a few months ago and I was sad that meetings had to be suspended when I had only just begun to talk to other members. I look forward now to more zoom meetings and talks even though we are all at home

I wish to thank Adrian for the work he did on behalf of our group, I was thinking of going to Devon in the autumn but am now thinking I would like to go further down country.

Thank you for arranging today's talk, it was a lovely oasis in the lockdown! If we are still in lockdown for next month I, for one, would love to see Adrian's slides from Yeo valley farm garden, somewhere I've wanted to visit for a while. Looking forward to the next Zoom talk whoever is giving it,

Thank you for arranging the talk yesterday. It was good to feel part of a group again and Adrian's photographs were excellent and made you want to visit each garden. It was a lovely way to spend an hour or so, and much appreciated, so thank you once again.

It was lovely to get out and visit those beautiful Cornish gardens - even if it was remotely!

I'm sure my comments will accord with everyone else. Really enjoyed Adrian's presentation yesterday. It all went very well, effortless link up, quality of the content and an introduction to gardens in Cornwall that I'd never heard of before. Beautiful photos which made me want to go out and redesign my garden to include some of the specimens Adrian mentioned.
Really looking forward to more events, whilst we get used to another few weeks of lock-down. Thanks for your effort at keeping the Garden Group going. Much appreciated.
Stay safe.

The talk was excellent. I have made a note of the gardens for when we next visit - hope it won't be too long! My signal dropped out a couple of times in the 2nd half but otherwise the Zoom worked well.

Thanks Chas for all your hard work setting up the presentation. It worked well for us and our thanks too to Adrian for his very enjoyable presentation about some lesser-known gardens.

We enjoyed the talk and liked the way that Adrian interspersed photography with personal anecdotes and details of some plants. A good advert for your Garden group. We are all still learning how to handle interaction in Zoom, such as don’t speak if your microphone is on.
As an alternative to a live presentation it was excellent.

We sat in for Adrians presentation. It was very good and we thoroughly enjoyed it.
Best wishes, Len and Marilyn

Thank you, Adrian, for your usual professional and relaxed presentation in unusual surroundings! The photographs were great and the stories behind them made the talk very enjoyable for all who attended, as evidenced by the above comments. Long live Zoom!
Best regards, Chas Bryer (Group Leader, Evesham U3A Gardens and Country)