Evesham & District

A Man Called Ove - Fredrik Backman

A tale about an apparently grumpy old man who believes in his old-fashioned values. We gradually learn about what has happened in his life to make him like this, and how he functions in a modern world where many people live by different rules. We smiled and cried with him and discovered that we know/have known people like him.

We found similarities with “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine”, a book we enjoyed only a few months ago. Both are stories of grief and loss, of people living in their own worlds and cats with an important part to play. In both, the main person seems strange, but as we read on we understand more about why they are as they are, and feel empathy for them.

Marks out of ten: ranged between 8 and 9.5

Recommend to a friend: Yes, unanimously.

(February 2020)