Evesham & District

2 Text Entry and Formatting

You can make text BOLD, in ITALICS and BULLET POINTS lists

Example 1: BOLD - This uses the "hash" symbol. (on some Apple computers this is the "Alt" key + the "3" key)

Apart from Bank holidays, we meet every Monday

Example 2: ITALICS

It is only ten pounds to join

Example 3: BOLD and ITALICS:

We don't meet on the fifth Monday of the month

Note: before the text the order is hash-underscore and after the text the order is underscore-hash

Example 4: HEADINGS - they are both BOLD and CENTRED - Curly brackets are before and after the text. There must NOT be any text before or after the curly brackets in that line.

This is a good heading

Example 5: Heading with italics:

This Heading is in bold and also in Italics

Note the underscore characters are inside the curly brackets.

Example 5: Practical examples of centres spacers to separate sections:



Example 6: This spacer is far too long and looks silly on a phone or tablet!


Example 7: Bullet Points

The asterisk character starts each line. A blank line followiing the list:

  • One, eleven
  • Two, twelve
  • three, thirteen
  • four, fourteen