Essex Association of U3As


Shared Learning Projects

To all U3As in the Essex Association
Would you like your U3A to get involved in a project within your wider community?
Would you like to work on a project with neighbouring U3As?
Has your U3A already been involved in a Shared Learning Project?
Would you like some ideas about how to start one?
If any of the above interest you I would love to come and talk to your U3A about Shared Learning Projects, perhaps at one of your Group Organiser’s Meetings or I can talk for about half an hour at one of your monthly meetings and bring a table top display all about SLPs around the Region that have recently been completed.

You can find out much more about Shared Learning Projects and all types of research in the U3A by looking at the National U3A website under the Learn heading and scroll down to Research Network, alternatively follow this link. There you will find details about all types of research projects including Shared Learning Projects. Have a look at the National Research Database and you will see over 400 of the entries are SLPs. This database can be found by taking this link.

Maggy Simms
National SLP Coordinator (