Essex Association of U3As

Report on 2017 Study Day

Study Day Tuesday 24th October 2017 has now slipped into History.
Now we can perhaps look forward 12 months and hope that the 2018 event will be just as successful.

Thanks must go to all of the following:-

The Plume School in Maldon for allowing the Association to use it's premises.

To the organising committee for arranging the event, including Mrs. Joyce Woodham and Mr. Doug Harryman, who is the Secretary of the Essex Association and Secretary of the Roding Valley U3A, plus all those who helped on the Monday and on Tuesday the Study Day.

The Group Leaders for their time and effort in getting the information for their lectures.

Finally, to all the U3A members who came along on the day to listen and learn.

The members attending the event had a choice in some subjects of morning or afternoon sessions, and in the case of 6 subjects - 3 Art Classes 2 covering Watercolour, and 1 Acrylic, Beading, Patchwork and Trees, all these were all day sessions.
There were 20 subjects offered ranging from Aerobics to Writing.

The preparation for this event started back in April with Mr. Doug Harryman sending out e-mails to ask Group Leaders if they were prepared to do the same subjects as in 2016. Some time later Information sheets and Booking forms were e-mailed to all those members of U3As across Essex interested in attending Study Day. Over 200 e-mails were sent and Doug received some 193 responses with the appropriate £5.00 fee. So a lot of collation to do and work behind the scenes, which many members probably do not really appreciate.

All Group Leaders were allowed to visit the School on Monday 23rd October to locate and check out the room they were allocated and shown on the Group Requirements and Room sheet. A Plan of the School which is pretty extensive, was available for everyone attending.

On the day itself both Leaders and Members attending, having signed in were given a badge showing their class and room number, were offered Coffee/Tea and Biscuits, before setting off to their classes. However, the Room numbers were small and located above the door frames. So finding them for some members attending groups found that their room was not very easy to locate.
The Morning Session started at 10.05. with a Lunch Break from 12.10 to 1.10 and the Afternoon session commenced at 1.10. All sessions were of a 2 hour duration.

Let's hear from one of our Group Leaders and one of the Members who attended this event.
Jazz Appreciation - Afternoon Session - Leader Roy Thorogood Convenor of the Roding Valley Jazz Appreciation Group.

There were 17 Members at Roy's Presentation which covered three different styles of Piano Jazz. These being in Historical Order - Ragtime, Boogie-Woogie and Stride. Roy described with a lot of archive film from You Tube, the history, the Lives and Music of those composers and musicians who played these jazz genre. The audience was attentive and interested to listen and learn about just three distinct styles, both as piano solos and band versions.

Now to one of the Members - Keith Harris who is the Convenor of the Roding Valley Practical Art Group, that meets weekly.

A few of our Members of my Practical Art Group attended Study Day, some for the first time. They joined the Watercolour and the Acrylic groups that were all day classes. We found the classes a very informative experience and well worth going to. It was excellent value at £5.00 for the whole day. All members interested in the subjects offered should consider attending these events, as they not only cover numerous interests and it is an opportunity to listen and learn. In all an interesting and excellent day out. Some of us just can't wait for next year's event.

So we hope to see more Members from all Essex U3A's at the 2018 event.