Epsom & Ewell

Writing Workshop - Previous Works

Upon the following we have written between Feb 2007 and Feb 2012

My First Job * An Inheritance * The Sky Turned Black *Curiosity * There was but a small Chink in the Curtain * An Unwelcome Guest *. Perfect Alibi * Fascinate; Novelty; Restaurant; Overture * The Bell Rang * It was the Last Thing I Expected to Happen * Pulling Out * A Diary Entry* The Waiting Room * We Met Last Summer * Caught Out * The Window Cleaner * A Feast for the Eyes * The Rowing Boat * The Roman Road * A Time to Remember* The Long Way Home * A Childish Thing * The Clock Struck Twelve * Let's go Down the Path * A String Of Beads * The Letter * The Harbour * The Calm before the Storm * The 1950's *A Twist in the Tale * Manhunt *A Brief Encounter * Opened the Box * Be Smiled when He saw Her * The Lake * Bated Breath * Tears Rolled *The Last Dinner * Moving On * I Think this Belongs to You *It Would be an Uphill Struggle * Rain, Rain, will it Never Stop? * Life before the Loudspeaker * A Fairy Tale* A special Occasion * A Newspaper Item * At the Next Station * The Coffee Pot * Have I Told You This Before? * 'Wishful Thinking * Lemon; Irregular; Edgeways; Charm *If I had! my Time Again * He Got What He Deserved *Going Green * Picked up from the Table * Lazy Days of Summer * The Postman Brought a Letter * Sound * In Steadfast Pursuit * Schooldays * A Deserved Holiday *Part-time * One Step Further * How Still It Is. *The Lost Symbol * It was One of 'Those Days * An Embarrassing Coincidence * The Church Clock Struck Twelve * How Are We Going To Explain This? * The Party* He Stopped When He Heard The Sound * A Change Of Heart * Black Magic * Promontory; Immortalise: Harbour: Squeamish * Good Luck * A Birthday to Remember * The Way Ahead * How Best to Repair the Damage * The Diary * A Lovely Day * The Boot Sale * On The Brighter Side of Life * A Strange Tale * Marriage * Buckingham Palace * I Saw It As I Rounded The Comer * The Manor House * Hot Stuff * Health & Safety * The Bonfire * Waiting in the Wings * Something Of My Family * A Christmas Tale * A Red Hankie; A Silver Coin; A Pair of Spectacles; A High-heeled Shoe * The Trinidad Arms * The Letter * Local Custom * Wednesday.Afternoons * It Was Never Going To Be Easy * The Weather Man * Amateur: Profession: Celebrity; Martinet * Royal Wedding * What are we Going to do About the Noise? * The Flower Show *Tomorrow Was Tuesday * The Old Windmill * Shall We Return? * Mr. Italiano * Summertime * A Dinner Party * The Way We Were * Teachers * How To Train Your Partner * The Little White House * Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder * Over The Wall * A Christmas Entertainment * Resolutions * It's the Thought That Counts * Develop Fleece; Meteorite; Silhouette * Pets I Have Known

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