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EFU3A News
Members' Open Coffee Morning
Wednesday 25 March 2020: 9.45am for 10.15am start to midday
We cordially invite all members, both new and old, to this event. There will be opportunities to meet Committee members and Group Convenors, to find out about EFU3A and its various activities, and get to know one another. New members that have joined since last year's meeting, which was then called the New Members' Meeting will receive a direct invitation. However, this year's event is open to everyone and if you are interested please let our Membership Secretary, Gill Postlethwaite know. Her contact details are shown on the back page of our Newsletter along with those of other Committee members and she can also be reached via her contact button on the Contact page of this web site.

Farewell to Two Long-Serving Members
Peter Comber
Peter is one of our oldest members. In various ways he has been a major contributor to the growth of Epping Forest U3A, including as a former Newsletter Editor. He has also produced alternate front covers for the last ten years, designing more than 60. He has decided that January 2020's cover will be his last, on a regular basis at least. However, don't be surprised if he still doesn't come up with the occasional one. Our sincerest thanks go to Peter for all his contributions over the years.

Jean Woods
After 17 years of organising visits to stimulate our minds, educate and, of course, to entertain us, Jean has now decided to stand down from her roles as organiser of trips to galleries and museums and to the theatre. Her hard work and diligence have greatly benefited many members of EFU3A over the years and for all of that we offer Jean our sincerest thanks. Fortunately, we won't be losing her completely as Jean has promised to advise our new Events Team so that they can continue with her sterling work in the future. Thank you from the Chair and EFU3A Committee members and everyone else who has benefited from your hard work over the years.

EFU3A Event News
Coffee Mornings
The next Coffee Morning meeting will take place on Wednesday 19th February 2020. Members should contact Linda Cohen for further details and to sign up for this meeting.

Group News

Current Affairs
A second Current Affairs has been launched and is still looking for further new members. This groups runs on the second Tuesday of each month between 2pm and 4pm in Loughton. The Group Convenor is Paul Wilson. Anyone interested should initially contact the Web and Information Officer about this via the Contact page on this site. Details will also be advertised in the EPU3A's Newsletter.

Making Time for Music
Rea Camus is looking for EFU3A musicians interested in joining a musical group that will meet to play together. The group is also being advertised in the EFU3A Newsletter where further details can be found.

This new group has now started. Any members interested should contact Linda Cohen for further details about how to join and when and where sessions are held.

Writing Group
A new Writing Group is looking for members who wish to write creatively or factually about themselves or things that interest them. The idea is to share tips and support among its members. The group is initially being run by Jill Gunter and members should consult their Newsletter for her contact details.