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EFU3A News

Membership Renewal

Membership renewal payments will fall due on 1st September 2019. The price remains unchanged at £20 per member and £36 per couple for a 12-months period through to 31st August 2020. Renewal forms will be distributed in the August EFU3A Newsletter.

EFU3A Event News

Antiques & Collectibles Soiree
Members are invited to attend an evening event about auctioneering, antiques and collectibles. Food will also be available. This event will be held in Theydon Bois Village on Friday 14th June 2019 7.00-11.00pm. David Webster of Sworders auctioneers will give a talk about the world of auctioneering and will be available to value a limited number of items brought along by Members. Tickets cost £17.50 per person. Contact Christine Baker for further details and to book a place. She can be reached via the Contact page on this web site. Her details are also available in the Monthly Newsletter.

Group News

Proposed New Groups
Epping Forest is seeking expressions of interest in a number of proposed new Groups. These include a possible new Antiques group, History, and Music Appreciation Group ("A Little Light Music".

Antiques and Collectibles Group
Diane Webb wishes to hear from anyone who might be interested in participating in an Antiques Group. She is seeking both Members who would like to participate and any Members with expertise in antiques who might get involved in helping to run it.

City Walks with Mike Lear
Sunday 23rd June - "Fleet Street & The Temple"
Meet outside St Paul's Underground Station at 11am. Contact: Mike Lear.
Members interested in this should consult the EFU3A Newsletter for further details.

Current Affairs
At the recent New Members Meeting a number of new members expressed an interest in joining the Current Affairs discussion group. The existing group is full, but the level of new interest suggests there is a demand enough to form a second group. The Current Affairs group convenor, Barrie and Jill Gunter, will run a taster group on 26th September 2019 for those who are interested. The idea behind this event will be show how the existing group is run. We hope then that someone from among those new members that have expressed an interest in this type of group can be encouraged to run a second group. Anyone interested in joining (and running) such a group can contact Barrie whose details are shown in the monthly Newsletter on the Committee list usually shown on the last page.

History Group
The current EFU3A History Group has proven to be very popular and its membership is full. There are sufficient Members now on a waiting list for this Group that the Committee is seeking to establish a second History Group. Any Members on the waiting list for the current group or anyone else with an interest in history is invited to come forward to join and to help run a new History Group. Its Members will need to decide how often they meet and where, and also which period(s) of history they wish to examine. The Executive Committee can provide initial support in relation to setting up a new group. Anyone interested should contact Linda Cohen, the Groups Co-ordinator at EFU3A. She can be reached through the Contact page on this web site.

My Garden
This group has now started Steve Baker, EFU3A Vice-Chairman and Speakers' Co-ordinator, would like to hear from members interested in joining the new gardening group. The group involves members visiting each others' gardens and sharing hints and tips about gardening. Steve is happy to meet with those interested in pursuing this new activity. See the EFU3A Newsletter for further information about how to contact Steve, or simply use the Vice-Chair button on the Contact page of this web site to send him a message.

Play Reading Group
After 20 years of loyal service, Babs Oakley has decided to stand down from running this study group. It normally runs on alternate Thursdays from the convenor's home. Babs and the EFU3A Committee are looking for someone to take over running this group. It might be something an existing group member could take on, given their familiarity with the way the group works. Or a new member, possibly someone on the waiting list, or another new member, would be interested in having a go. The Committee can provide support. Babs herself has also offered to help any new Group Convenor learn the ropes. Running study groups of this sort is not a complex matter. Sadly, if no one does step forward, the group - after 20 years - will cease to exist. EFU3A, like all other U3As, is dependent upon its own members stepping forward to help to run its activities.

Walking Netball
This group has now started and is still looking for new members. It will be led by Christina Lane. Anyone interested should contact her or contact EFU3A Groups Co-ordinator Linda Cohen via the Contact page on this web site. Further information is provided in the monthly EFU3A Newsletter.

The group will meet on Tuesdays at Epping Sports Centre, 25 Hemnall Street, Epping, CM16 4LU from 11.15am to 12.30pm. The charge is £3 per person. See also the new Groups page for this group where dates of future meetings are listed.

Other Group News

Coffee Mornings
These meetings are designed to help members become oriented to what is happening in EFU3A and to explore with other members activities they can join in with. They are organised by Linda Cohen, who is also EFU3A's Groups' Coordinator and Committee Member. Linda is always looking for members to host these meetings. So, if you would like to help out in this way or come along to one of these meetings, just let her know. Places for each meeting are limited and so it is essential to register your interest with Linda first. Her contact details are published in the EFU3A Prospectus and in the monthly Newsletter and she can also be reached via her Groups' Coordinator button on the Contact page of this web site.