Epping Forest

Members Only

Welcome to the Members' page. This page is aimed at Members of Epping Forest u3a and provides protected "members-only" links to important documents produced for Members, Group Convenors and the Executive Committee. By clicking on the links, the full document should appear on your screen. These documents will be updated from time to time. Some, such as the Prospectus and List of Groups will be updated throughout the year as our new group-based activities come on stream and others experience changes to their details or, occasionally, close down.

The Constitution presents the core rule-book of Epping Forest u3a, outlining the core principles by which this u3a operates and defining the role and responsibilities of its Executive Committee Members/Trustees.

The Prospectus provides detailed information about the activities available to Members at Epping Forest u3a. It is a good reference source for Members seeking information about our Groups. You can find out the names of Group Convenors, whom you should contact about joining a Group. It also indicates how often a Group meets, at what times and where. Further summary information is also provided about each Group's activities.

The List of Groups is a summary form of the Prospectus. It contains essential information about Group Convenors and the locations and timings of meetings. Both the List of Groups and Prospectus are updated regularly.

The Group Convenors' Handbook is a reference source for our Group Convenors. This is not designed as an "instruction manual". Instead, it offers advice about the different types of Groups it is possible to run, how to run Groups of different types, and other matters pertaining to conventional practices when running interest groups within the u3a. The document also present full texts of important policy documents that charities in general are expected to have in place and summaries of the key points from these policies that Group Convenors can be mindful about. Group Convenors with questions about their groups and this Handbook and Members seeking to propose new Groups should contact the Groups Coordinator in the first instance for advice and guidance.