Sea Shanties

Adrian Wakefield wrote:

We live by the sea, and sea shanties teach us something about maritime heritage. Also, listening to YouTube videos, it seems the main point is to get together and have fun (which is what happens in a lot of the groups anyway) and not worry overmuch about being off-key (whatever that is and which no doubt I am, being musically very untalented). I would envisage each group member choosing a shanty for meetings and then being the shantyman/shantywoman /shantyperson for their choice. The rest of the group would join in the choruses. An inability to sing should not bar membership of the group but it might be useful if some reasonably tuneful singers were members. So, is this an outlandish idea? Replies to adrian.wakeford@gmail.com, please. Bear in mind that we may be able to meet in gardens (weather permitting) as well as having the Zoom option.