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Welcome to Ems Valley u3a

Registered Charity No. 1117497

Membership of the Ems Valley U3A is drawn from the Emsworth area. Interest groups are self-managed by Group Leaders from within the Membership and the majority are self-funded. Group Leaders' knowledge, skills and experience are used to deliver a programme of learning and fun.


If you wish to contact any member of the committee please go to the Contact page. Scroll down a bit and you will see a set of selector buttons for individual committee members. Select the one you want and fill in the email form below it, giving your name and email address and some indication of your query.


Did you know that at the last AGM we lost two thirds of the male membership of the committee? The only man left in the committee is your webmaster (and vice-chairman). We have a need to make our u3a management somewhat more representative of our membership. To that end, we are launching a recruitment appeal for two new committee members of the male sex to join us and take on two roles:
1. A technical person to help out at the monthly meetings and give support and assistance with the audio-visual aspects of stage presentation.
2. A special projects guy who can help set up events and carry on the great work done by John Reynolds.

If you feel that you could help us out here, please contact one of the committee either in person or by email via the Contact page; you would be most welcome.


Go to the Groups page and select the group you are interested in from the table. Each group page has a messenger bird in the corner - click on this and you will be given an email form which will send an email to the group leader.

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