Ems Valley

Message from the Chairman

Chairman calling - LATEST NEWS!
Your committee and I have been discussing at length the future of our Ems Valley U3A, taking account of these challenging times and current changed circumstances. We feel that social distancing will be around for some time yet in our lives – either through Government guidance or because some of us will still be uneasy at having close contact. Given how some of our monthly meetings in St James Church Hall are bursting at the seams, your committee now consider it inadvisable that we should think of meeting there in the foreseeable future.

I am therefore absolutely delighted to tell you that, for a trial period, we are going to use Emsworth Baptist Church – the whole hall, plus the foyer and kitchen – for our monthly speaker meetings when these can recommence. As many of you know, the facilities there are first class and, most importantly for us, we will be able to socially distance our chairs and have plenty of space to walk around and enjoy our teas (while keeping our distance of course!). There is also plenty of space for wheelchairs and walking aids.

The cost of this is obviously more than St James Church Hall. However, we have needed to balance this with the future safety of us all, and the ability of us all to meet regularly in person. Your Treasurer, John Blaber, has given his wholehearted blessing to this trial move. (He has also assured us that there will be a reduction in fees next year, due to inactivity this year.)

There is one difference to our meeting at this new venue. We will still be meeting in the fourth week of the month BUT on Tuesday afternoons instead of Thursdays. (Mary Mumby has kindly agreed to move her group to another time.)

I would like to reassure you that I have personally explained our thinking to the St James Church Hall organiser, and he completely understands. I confirmed that our groups would still be using their hall when life returns to normal, if not before. Finally …. It goes without saying that we will not be meeting at the Baptist Church yet – Government guidelines do not currently permit it. However, as soon as we can, we will!

Anne Powell, Chairman