Ems Valley

Message from the Chairman

Hallo everyone!
I am your new chairman, and will be in post for the next two years – well that’s the plan!
Several friends in our Branch have commented on what an unfortunate time to start out as chairman. However, I personally feel excited, as there are obvious challenges to be met and plans to be made for ‘doing things differently’ to accommodate us all in these abnormal times.

The first challenge was our AGM – we were absolutely delighted that it went ahead successfully on Zoom, reinforced by the positive comments I and many of the committee have received about how smoothly it went. Thanks hugely to the 91 of you who attended on the day.

We are now thinking and planning about us all being able to meet safely once again to enjoy our fantastic speakers. I feel this probably won’t take place physically for a few months, but meanwhile we are planning to hear those same speakers on Zoom, our first one being at the end of July. (Remember (as if you needed reminding..) that you don’t need Zoom actually installed on your own computer to use it).

You will probably recall (maybe not in our lockdown inertia!!) that U3A was supposed to have their first Annual Celebration Day in the UK at the beginning of last month. When it was obvious that it wasn’t going to happen, it was delayed to October, but now is planned for 2 June 2021. A good decision I think!

While many groups have been unable to meet throughout this time, many others continue to do so, to the pleasure of their members. I know that many of us too are keeping in touch with each other by phone, email, zoom, facetime and skype. And now lots of us are meeting in a socially distanced kind of way in each other’s gardens for coffee, wine, whatever – it is so good to sit and chat with actual people and not through a technological pathway!

Please – if you have any suggestions for anything I or our committee can do at any time for you or the Branch, just let us know – you can contact us through the website Contact page of course.

Meanwhile, very best wishes to everyone

Anne Powell