Ems Valley

Message from the Chairman

March 23 2020
My last Comments were written at the end of 2019 and painted a picture of Ems Valley running along smoothly in a relatively benign environment. What a difference less than 3 months can make. We are now in the middle of a Worldwide crisis with severe restrictions to our quality of life.

It is scarcely a week since those of us 70 and over were told to stay at home and only venture out to get exercise and essential shopping. I spent the next few days having the depressing duty of cancelling our Monthly Meeting and advising Group Leaders to do the same.

I know many of us have come to rely on meetings at Ems Valley as a source of companionship and to lose this much valued activity has come as a bitter blow.

For this reason I have asked our Group Leaders to think about ways they can continue Group activities all be it at home. In this way I hope we will keep the spirit of Ems Valley alive and well.

I have asked Group Leaders to send details of what they propose to Maggie Linnell our Newsletter editor and also to Gail Wynne-Jones our Webmaster. Details will be published in the Newsletter next Month which will be sent on line due to current circumstances.
Gail will be putting these on the Website as a record of “What we Did” for the benefit of future members.

Our website will be our main means of communicating with you all so please consult it regularly.

For now I will close and send you my heartfelt best wishes for the next few months and look forward to when we can all meet again.

Stay safe
Richard Galloway