Ems Valley

Speakers Secretary Job Description

Booking the speakers:
- Book speakers for future monthly meetings, bearing in mind price (including any travel expenses) and the variety of subjects. Speakers are not required in May (AGM), August or December
- File details received of prospective future speakers and reply if received by email

Prior to the meeting:
- Contact speakers before meetings requesting a few sentences on them and the subject of their talk plus any requirements for the presentation (eg equipment)
- Send details of the talk to the Webmaster and Newsletter Editor for publication
- Send the speaker’s personal details to the Chairman for the introduction immediately prior to the presentation
- Notify the venue of the number of chairs required and any additional requirements for the speaker
- Supply directions to and details of the venue to the speaker
- Ensure there is technical support at the monthly meeting

Meeting day:
- Reserve a parking space for the speaker on the day
- Greet and look after the speaker and ensure that all their requirements are met
- Thank the speaker on-stage after the talk

After the meeting:
- Thank the speaker via email after the event

Additional duties:
- Attend Speakers Secretaries Conference, normally in October, with a list of our speakers and their presentations from the last year, their contact details and an evaluation of that presentation for distribution amongst other local u3as.
[This was organised and hosted by Ems Valley u3a on Zoom in both 2020 and 2021 so hosting should not be necessary for some time.]