Ems Valley

Webmaster Job Description

The website is an important ‘face’ of the u3a. Potential members look to it to see what we do;
current members look to it to see what groups we have and what other events and activities are
planned. The webmaster manages this, and also tries to encourage groups and all members to
use it as a prime source of info on the organisation.

Note that the website is built using the Third Age Trust sitebuilder, so the basic format of the
website is predetermined, and editing is quite simple and does not require sophisticated
computer skills.

- Manage all the public pages on the website
- Keep notices and events lists up-to-date
- Create / maintain list of editors of the website and provide help to them
- Create / maintain list of contact details of group leaders/committee members
- Manage the internet domain on 1-2-3 reg, where we hold all forwarding emails on @emsvalleyu3a.org.uk

Other responsibilities:
- Running the emsvalleyu3a Zoom licence, setting up and hosting any online meetings that may be required
- Assisting with administration of the Beacon database system