Ems Valley

Business Secretary Job Description

Not an onerous job but busy at the time of the AGM. The Secretary should be averagely competent with technology (plenty of help at hand) and be prepared to attend and participate in most monthly Committee meetings and commit to being present and willing to speak at the AGM.

Duties as at 2021

- To carry out any area of admin or record keeping not included in the job descriptions of other officers. This includes:
- Keeping records of and, where necessary, updating, legally required docs like the constitution and details of insurance and any necessary licences.
- To act as the named contact for the Charity Commission and the Third Age Trust.
- To act as the reception centre for correspondence and circulate to all interested parties or to whom it might be of possible interest.
- Give admin support to the Committee and in particular the Chairman.
- Keep records of Trustees up-to-date with the Charity Commission and Third Age Trust.
- Complete the Annual return to the Charity Commission with help from the Treasurer.
- Prepare the Agenda for the monthly Committee Meeting.

Help the Chairman in planning the Annual General Meeting by:
- ensuring the publication of the event in good time (at least 21 days)
- collating any resulting proposals for new Committee Members;
- preparing the running order;
- preparing the Agenda;
- updating the Trustees' Report;
- ensuring proxy voting forms are sent out;
- collating all papers, including the Constitution, treasurer's report and previous year's minutes for electronic circulation to all members.

Get all new Trustees to sign a Trustees Declaration Form

Order u3a Diaries
- suggest that demand is looked at before the summer recess.